Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Return of Resin

It seems like it's been forever since I had a chance to get out all my artwork and bezels and all the inclusions (charms, glitter, crystals, etc.) and play with resin. Finally, over the July 4th holiday weekend, I had enough free time in a large enough block that I got to have some fun. I knew it might be a long time before I get another chance like this so I tried to do a wide variety of designs.

Here are the results:

This silver plated square bezel features a reproduction of a vintage floral image. I think the flowers are sweet peas, but I'm not sure. At least the color scheme was appropriate for 4th of July!

These are tiger ebony wood disks that I covered with some pretty scrapbook paper and a copper rose charm.

This bayong wood bead has a reproduction of a vintage cosmetic add. I added a dark pewter pansy charm.

More bayong wood with a reproduction of vintage French travel poster art.

More travel poster art - this one is an advertisement for the Hotel Guy in Severgne.

I love fleur-de-lis images and I found some great artwork on Etsy that featured them.

These antique copper bezels from Rings 'N Things make a perfect pairing with the artwork.

I love the diamond checkerboard pattern in the background on this one.

One more from the same series - that vibrant purple fleur-de-lis just seems to float right off the background on this design.

I switched over to a completely different type of artwork. These prints are various views of the Northern Lights.

And when I think Northern Lights, I think glitter, too, for some reason.

This is my favorite one from this series. It's probably a little bit early to start planning winter designs, but when the time comes...this will just be perfect.

The gold-plated bezels on this group all came from Rings 'N Things as well.

Then I moved on to butterflies. The colors in this set of artwork are just gorgeous! This particulare one is a link (loops on both ends) rather than just a pendant.

Another butterfly link.

This rainbow butterfly looked so good with the copper that I switched bezels.

This is probably my favorite...I never can resist anything in shades of turquoise or aqua.

I've used reproductions of vintage flower seed packets in the past so why not some vintage fruit labels?

Or some Jamaica Ginger Ale? Great colors in this one.

This particular piece of artwork offers so many design options - you can go with the parrots (my favorite, of course) or the boat or the tropical island scene. It's perfect for a summer vacation necklace.

Hula apples, anyone?

I'm not sure why this particular image was included with the vintage fruit labels, but I think the colors are great and I'm crazy about the Veronica Lake-style girl with the big rose in her hair (I so totally want that hair, btw.)

Okay, I'll be honest, I have mixed feelings about this image. I love the seashell and I like that it is in color against the b&w image of the little girl, but...isn't the expression on the little girl's face kinda creepy? Or is it just me? I added some glitter to make myself feel better about it because what could possibly be less creepy than glitter?

This image is much better. Awesome starfish with some old letters and documents in the background. I can just see all this stuff being on the captain's desk on some old ship. Even though it was good as is, I added glitter anyway. Because I felt like it.

I kept expecting to see a bottle of Coppertone in the background of this artwork. Doesn't it remind you of the old Coppertone ad with the little girl and the dog? I think it's the color scheme or something. Anyway, it being summertime and me being a surfer girl at heart...this one is just perfect!

In the past, all my mermaid designs have sold really well so I figured it would be a good idea to throw some in when I did this resin pour. However, I always kinda wonder about the vintage artwork with naked or semi-naked girls in it...will someone actually wear a necklace made with naked chicks as the focal piece? Or maybe it's a good conversation starter? Like I said...I just always wonder, but if naked chicks in a pendant is your thing...then I've got just the piece for you!

These girls are less naked so I decided they needed some glitter in order to stay competitive.

This mermaid is naked, and has glitter AND she's on the moon. I mean, really, how can you top that?

I guess you could be the blonde Kim Kardashian of mermaids? With glitter.

That's it for this time. If you saw anything you liked, I'll be listing these on Etsy in the Be Resinable shop as time allows (hopefully sometime around this weekend).

And if you read this far, you deserve a bonus so I'll let you in on a little secret. I got a comment this week requesting some Bead Porn and I looked and realized that I haven't posted any since March so it really is about time for at least one porn post. I mean I know we've all been in porn addiction rehab, but really...will one little taste hurt us? I think not.

So watch this space...



TesoriTrovati said...

Oh yes! Bring on the {bead} porn! Do those nake-y merfolk count? So glad you are back at it.
Enjoy the day!

SummersStudio said...

Wow! Busy girl. This is so nice to see you doing this. I've always particularly liked your resin on wood beads. Do remember your first resin tries. I do :-) Look at these beauties now!

lunedreams said...

Holy cow you were churning it out! LOVE the one with the pewter pansy in it, and your glitter totally goes with the northern lights ones. My fav butterfly is the second one, love that one! And the mermaids with the glitter makes complete sense. I see you have conquered the bubbles and the cloudiness that always seem to be issues with resin. They're pristine!

CraftyHope said...

Wowie! You WERE busy!
I adore the butterfly images. They just GLOW.
Beautiful work.