Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Second Winner Announcement

Hi everyone!  Welcome to the announcement of the second winner in my 1,000 blog post contest!  A bit of a warning that the history of posts 101-200 was not a great time period in my life so there will be some downer stuff here before I get to the actual announcement.  You were warned!

Checking the blog history, it looks like I hit post 200 in around December, 2005.  Considering that my entire life got turned completely upside down in October, 2005, I view that as a pretty decent accomplishment.  In the short span of time from October, 2005 to April, 2006, I lost my marriage, a baby, my job of more than 10 years, and very dearly beloved pet I'd had for many years. 

I found out I was 2+ months pregnant the day after my husband announced he was leaving.  24 hours after that, I was in the doctor's office being told that I was bleeding internally and had to have emergency surgery to end the pregnancy and save my life.  I lost a fallopian tube and pretty much any shot of ever having another child in the process, but considering that the doctors couldn't figure out how I hadn't already died from blood loss before I made it in, I have to count myself lucky that I'm still here.  My ex dropped off the divorce paper filings at my house the day I came home from the hospital.

At the time, I made a conscious decision not to blog about most of this...I think there are a few mentions here and there of "life not going so well" and probably some various versions of "men suck" because I couldn't totally keep a lid on things, but overall, I stuck to beads, book reviews and other positive stuff. 

A year later, in October, 2006, I think I did do one blog post sort of cataloging the whole series of events because I thought that I had enough perspective to look at things from a bit more distance and then I could put them behind me.  That was probably wishful thinking as I'm not sure you can ever totally put something like that behind you, but I am still here.  I survived (and believe me, there were days when I doubted I could keep going), and I am doing pretty well.  Being a single parent is tough and I know things would be easier if there was another person to share the load, but other than that, I'm pretty content.  And ultimately, as much as I hate to admit it, I grew a lot as a person during that time.  I'm more confident now and I'm much less inclined to take any crap from anyone than I used to be LOL.

Okay, that's enough of that.  Time for the fun stuff now.  Here's a look at what the second winner will receive:

The book is "One Big Beautiful Bead" by Sarah McConnell.  The main reason I bought this book originall (back in the dark ages when I first started beading) is that I was having trouble with tubular or oblong focal beads.  Don't panic if you are not a seed beader, there are some ideas that don't require seed bead stitching.  However, if you always wanted to try it, this book is a great jumping off point with some simple stitches that give great effects and can be adapted to bracelet length, too.

Two different kinds of vintage lace - I love that both of these have openings down the middle so you can weave ribbon, thread or beads through them.

Blackened/copper large link chain and woven metal "wheel" components.

A strand of blue and white lampwork glass beads, a lampwork glass heart, and a pair of polymer clay ovals.  The PC ovals have a lace texture design impressed into them - you just can't see it very well in the picture.

A small ceramic rose charm, a large turquoise ceramic button and two red ceramic angel wings.

A fun mix of Czech glass.

Three vintage German glass cabochons and some sunset fire crystal flatbacks (there's a larger quantity of these in the package - I just shook out a few for the photos).

A fun mix of frosted resin beads in different shapes and colors.

Large forest green ceramic beads (again, there's a whole bag of these - I just put a few out for the photos).
And the lucky winner is:  Amy!  Congratulations and please email me with your address!
Because this Friday is the April "Earrings Everyday" challenge reveal, I will do the next winner announcement post on Monday, 4/21.


TesoriTrovati said...

What a heart wrenching thing to happen, Miss Kelly. But our online communities are sometimes the support we need to get through the darkest days when those closest to use in proximity might not always understand. I am glad you found a way through the darkest hours. Enjoy the day. Erin

Shaiha said...

What a tough time in your life. I am so glad that you made it through and can look back to see how it forced you to grow. It seems that life throws the blackest things at us just so we become strong people.

And congrats Amy! You sure won some pretty beads.

Amy S. said...

Jeesh....those were some tough times you went through in 2005. That you are still standing strong today is s huge testament to your strength.

Feeling very lucky to be a winner in your giveaway! This package will be awesome!! Thank you so much!!