Monday, April 21, 2014

Third Winner Announcement

NOTE:  All of the announced prize packages up to this point were mailed out over the weekend so watch your mailboxes if you were already chosen as a winner.  Now...on with the announcement...

I made it to 300 posts right around November/December, 2006.  In taking a look back at that time frame, I noticed a few things:

1.  Wow...I was really angry.  It's a simmering, under-the-surface kind of anger that is sort of covered over in humorous, sarcastic sauce, but it was definitely anger.  Considering I signed the final divorce papers and took back my maiden name around that time, I guess it was not surprising, but I'm glad to realize that I don't feel quite that level of pissed-offness any more.  I still have my moments, of course, but they are few and far between now.

2.  I was really, really hungry (which might have contributed to the anger LOL) because I chose to deal with the divorce and the job loss (in part) by going to the gym like I was training for the Olympics and totally starving myself.  On the upside, I lost 65 lbs. and I looked AMAZING the day I went in to sign the divorce papers, but on the down side, it was not a pace I was able to maintain once I got a new job and, later, when 100% of the childcare responsibilities fell on top of me.  Sadly, I eventually gained all the weight back and have had to realize that I can either manage work/single mom-hood OR my weight, but apparently not both at the same time.

3.  I was still using a flatbed scanner to take pictures of things and OMG...I am so embarrassed about those jewelry photos.  They suck SO BAD!  My photo skills are still rudimentary at best, but using the digital camera outside with a macro setting and natural lighting has definitely been an improvement.  If I could just figure out the magic key to making my photos fit in the little thumbnail windows on Etsy listings PROPERLY, I would be in 7th heaven.  And yes, I know, the entire rest of the world seems to be able to do this and I am a complete dumbass that I can't figure it out.

4.  My design and jewelry-making skills have (at least IMO) come a LONG way.  It's funny to look back at what I was making then and think how proud I was of it at the time and now I want to bury all those photos because everything looks like crap.

Okay, enough with the time machine.  Here's what the winner will receive:

A copy of "Metal Clay for Beaders" by Irina Miech.  This is an awesome, introductory level book on metal clay.

A strand of lampwork beads, a ceramic bee charm, a Jade Scott copper/resin teardrop pendant, brushed silver large-link chain, a pretty aqua/white/pink ceramic pendant and a pair of red/peach lampwork swirl beads.

A memory-keeper glass bottle (fun to fill with all kinds of sand, shells, glitter or trinkets and then wire-wrap to a necklace), a red patinated seahorse, two dark wood pendants and a ceramic rectangle pendant.

2 ceramic turquoise beads, 2 pewter fish charms, a large stone heart pendant, a vintage button, a mix of vintage Lucite beads, and a lampwork glass "sombrero" bead.

A mix of Czech glass leaves and beads and three pastel resin butterfly charms.

A full spool of black waxed linen cord.

A blue ceramic owl pendant and some golden urchin spine center drilled beads.

A package of large iridescent green ceramic beads and three different ribbons - a solid purple chiffon and two dyed silk.

And the winner is:  thecolorofdreams.  Congratulations and please contact me by email with your mailing address so I can get your package shipped off to you.

Next winner will be announced Wednesday, 4/23.



Shaiha said...

I know what you mean about wanting that magic word to be able to take beautiful pics. I think that finding it is going to be an lifelong struggle for me.

Nan Smith said...

Congrats Patricia of Color of Dreams! This is an amazing collection of jewelry making goodies. You're going to have so much fun!

thecolorofdreams said...

Wow, I can not believe that I won! I am so excited. I emailed you my address. Thank you so much.