Monday, April 28, 2014

Stuff Delay

You've heard of a rain delay?  Well, I'm declaring a stuff delay...on account of stuff happening.

Too much stuff all at once (like meetings at school every night plus a Scout meeting and prep/departure for Scout camp).

Stuff happening that wasn't supposed to happen (like getting a call at midnight on Saturday night informing me that all the Scouts were coming home early because of a problem with the water pump at the camp site and could I please come and pick up my son now).

Stuff NOT happening that was SUPPOSED to happen (like spending all day Sunday waiting for a call from the dealership that my prospective car had arrived only to be told at 4:30 that they were "too busy" to send a driver to go get it...see...they had "stuff", too).

Anyway, on account of all that stuff, I didn't get the photos taken for the next prize winner announcement today.  So, that will happen on Wednesday.  I also didn't get packages mailed out so Patricia, yours will go out this week.  Dyanne, I still need your address.  If anyone knows Dyanne - please give her a shout out about her prize!

Tomorrow, you get bead porn (if no more stuff happens!)


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Shaiha said...

Arg. Yeah I know about the stuff happening. This weekend was far too insane and I am wanting to take time off to catch up with what I had planned to do this