Thursday, May 08, 2014


Yep, that's all you've been hearing around here.  The craziness extended itself longer than I thought it would.  I don't think I've made it home before 8 PM for the last two weeks.  There certainly has been no jewelry making or photo-taking and, of course, I am behind on the winner announcements.  I will try my best to get caught up on that tomorrow - I have the next prize package all put together.  I just need to be able to photograph it when I get home tonight so I can post about it tomorrow.

Then, Saturday is the (one week delayed) Bead Soup Blog Hop reveal.  Be sure to stop by for that and check out the other blogs participating in the hop - there's something like 500 of them from all around the world so plenty of content to peruse over the next few weeks.  I know it will take me at least that long to get through the majority of the list.

After that, I have the Earrings Everyday - We're All Ears reveal on the third Friday of the month and a linen cord blog hop reveal on the 24th.  Of course, I need to get a few free minutes to get stuff made for both of those LOL!

Oh, and did I mention that last week was the start of our family's marathon round of birthdays that takes place in May & June every year?  For some reason, almost all of us were born between May 1st and June 30th (plus we have the added bonus of Mother's Day and Father's Day and Memorial Day all thrown in to the same time frame).

Sooo...things will be a tad busy around here.  Which means I need to get off the internet and get going on projects!

Be sure to check back tomorrow and Saturday for the winner announcement and the Bead Soup reveal!


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Kristen said...

I do not know how you do all that and still make pretties!!!!