Thursday, September 09, 2004

Comments, anyone?

So I've been going along wondering why there haven't been any comments on this blog (maybe I'm seriously dullsville, etc.) only to discover that I didn't have the right setting completed to allow comments. DUH! I think it's fixed now so feel free to fire away!

So what's new? Made lots of changes to the website this week. Put new stuff in the "New Designs" section and took all the older stuff out of that area and divvied it up to the various categories it belongs in. Now the "New Designs" section is a lot smaller, but will hopefully be easier to maintain on a more frequent basis. I like to make sure the site is kept as current as possible as one of my own pet peeves is going to websites and seeing that they haven't been changed in a long time.

I'm still fiddling around with my idea for a magazine article. The first attempt made me re-think some of the supplies so I had to place a new order and that stuff just came in last night...looking forward to playing with it. I'm really excited about this opportunity and hope I can make it pay off.

Ryan is doing MUCH better at night. Hip hip hooray! His eye teeth are in and I guess that was what was bugging him so much. We took him swimming at my parents' neighborhood pool this weekend and he loved it. Ever since then he keeps asking me "water? water?" whenever we drive near the clubhouse. Hope the weather stays nice so we can take him again this weekend.

Here's the link to the newest stuff:

That's it for now.


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