Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Gee, my life is boring...

I do try to write an entry a day, but sometimes there just isn't anything interesting going on at all. The last few days have been that way. Ryan's sleeping better at night, the giant spiders haven't gotten us yet (nor have I made it back to the park to take pictures) and I've been too busy with general life stuff to bead anything new. Oh, last night I did have the enjoyable experience of stepping on a piece of banana on the kitchen floor (thanks, Ryan) in my bare feet. Yeah, that was fun (not). Blech! Isn't my life just endlessly fascinating?? Don't answer that LOL! I also slept weird last night and now the left side of my neck is all screwed up - can't turn my head in that direction and the muscles are spasming and I've just taken my 3rd round of Advil...ouch!

There is one other tidbit of news, but I'm trying not to get too excited about it so I guess I'm not really counting it as "news" yet. I've had a nibble of interest from a new beading mag about publishing some of my finished work in their gallery section and possibly being interested in that article idea I mentioned a few posts ago. Nothing definite at all yet and in fact, I'm still in the very early, rough draft stage of writing the piece and trying to figure out which steps need photos and which need illustrations, etc.

Will keep you posted on what happens. In fact, you won't need this Blog because you'll hear me screaming from here if this works out ;-)

That's it for now. Maybe I'll get to go spider hunting tonight.


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