Thursday, February 17, 2005

A bit of business...

Just wanted to let you all know that in addition to credit cards, Silver Parrot now accepts Paypal via the website shopping cart! Just shop the site as usual and as you proceed through the checkout process, you'll be offered the Paypal option alongside all the credit card options and you can select your preferred method at that time!

I'm glad my shopping cart company has made this option available because I think having more flexibility built in to the process for customers can only be a good thing.

Oh, and I have a vacation day tomorrow (whoopeeeeee!!!) so expect some new goodies to show up over the weekend. Most of it'll be inventory for the upcoming show, but I'll at least share pictures and MAYBE, if you're all good, you'll get chocolate milk. Oh wait, I'm channeling "mommy mode" again. What I meant to say was maybe if you're all good, I'll get around to putting some stuff for sale on the site.

And yes, I know, I'm a tease...LOL!

Take care everyone.

Silver Parrot Designs

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