Friday, February 25, 2005

Hell...thy name is Sav-On Drugs

Well, it's been a fun (not) week at our house. I would say that Ryan is sick again but A. that's redundant and B. it's really that he's STILL sick.

We had about 5 good days after the last round of antibiotic and then the cough came back. This time it brought runny nose and fever and a severe case of "cranky, whining kid" along with it. Soooo...back to the doctor we went on Wednesday which of course caused me MORE missed time at work. They're really starting to love me there, sigh.

This time doctor said the pneumonia is gone (good news) but that now Ryan has something called "reactive airway" meaning that his airway is irritated and somewhat constricted from all the illness and coughing, etc. Well, duh...*I* could've diagnosed THAT (and not charged $100 an hour to do it, either). So, she prescribes an albuterol inhaler for him which means I've got to go to the pharmacy to get the prescription filled.

I had initially planned to go there right from the doctor's office, but Ryan was just absolutely losing it by then. He was mostly good during the examination, but towards the end he just had a meltdown. I suppose I can't really blame him - he was tired and feeling crappy and just wanted to go home and I know I felt the same way. I had no energy at all and was starting to suspect that his germs were about to take me out as well.

So I decided to head home and give Ryan a break and see if DH could get home a little early to watch him while I went out to the pharmacy. I think he heard the desperation in my voice when I called him at work so he agreed to skate out a bit early (his new job is 45 minutes away from home) to beat the traffic.

He finally gets home at 5:30 by which time Ryan and I are both just climbing the walls. I can't get him to rest but he feels too crappy to do anything else...even treats such as stickers, etc. are making him cry (and I was wanting to cry, too, by this point). So DH takes over and I head out to the pharmacy. Drop off the prescription and they tell me 20 minutes. Great. I'll go run by the bookstore and treat myself to something to help me feel better.

I do that and go back to the pharmacy...order still not ready...come back in another 20 minutes. Okayyyyyyyy.......fine. Call DH and ask if he wants me to pick up dinner since I'm out and have more time to kill. He agrees so I go grab some Chinese, put it in the car and head back to Sav-On.

I stand in line there for another 15 minutes (all the while surrounded by a crowd of coughing, sneezing, wheezing, germ-spreaders) only to get up to the counter and be told that they DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT SIZE INHALER MASK FOR RYAN'S PRESCRIPTION! They will have to order it and it won't be in until the next day. Okay now I just waited AN HOUR for you to tell me that??? I THINK I left the store without strangling anyone, but I'm not sure as it's all a big blur. I remember flashing lights and a buzzing sound and someone yelling (maybe me?) but that's all. I just know I suddenly found myself out in the parking lot with a strong desire to bang my head against a wall. ARRRGGHHH!

And what makes it all worse is that the doctor's office offered to sell me a mask for $20 while I was there, but I (stupidly as it turns out) declined because I wanted to get it at the pharmacy so it would be covered by the insurance. So really, I did this to myself...double ARRRGGGHHHH!

Meanwhile, DH is calling me on the cell wondering what's taking so long and I finally arrive home with cold Chinese food for dinner and no inhaler for our son.

We finally got the darn thing last night and started him on it but so far it just seems to make him cough more. I guess the results take a few more days. He has to get dosed 3 times a day so I have to remember every day to pack it up and send it to daycare with him. At least he seems to be pretty good about letting us dose him with it. Bribing with Thomas the Train stickers seems to help, too ;-)

To top it all off, by the time I got home last night, I had a sore throat and was shaking with fever. I had such a bad chill that I had to put a heating pad in the bed w/ me last night. But this explains why I've been feeling so rundown all week and like I just couldn't get going on anything. I've done no work at all getting ready for the show (and precious little else around the house, either). The only bright spots have been all the packages of supplies for the show arriving, but I've been feeling too crappy to properly enjoy opening them or doing anything with them. They're all sitting forlornly on my work area still in their packages.

I dragged myself to the office today, but I'm not sure how long I'm gonna last although I know it's not going to go over very well if I go home sick..again.

I've seriously got to look into bubble suits for Ryan and I. Obviously our immune systems are just NOT up to all the viruses out there. I really think this "constant illness" thing is really the toughest thing about being a mom.

Well, now that I've written such a happy, uplifting message for everyone to read...LOL! Sorry about that, but sometimes ya just gotta vent. I'm sure we'll all be better in 7-10 days but if not, I'm starting to consider more radical solutions like pulling Ryan out of daycare for 2-4 weeks until he's REALLY 100% well. No idea how I'll pull that off, but I'm sure over the next few days as I lay in bed wanting to die cuz I feel so cruddy, I'll have plenty of time to think about it.

Take care all and STAY WELL!



Jenie said...

Oh, you poor *thing*. :( [[[[[[[HUGS]]]]]]]

Jenie said...

Oh, you poor *thing*. :( Hugs to you.

Jenie said...

Oh, you poor *thing*. :( Hugs to you.