Sunday, February 27, 2005

Oscar thoughts...

Since my last post was so depressing, time for something a little bit lighter! I've missed the Oscars for the past few years for one reason or another but I managed to tune in tonight for a little least long enough to see some of the fashions and jewelry, etc. Is it just me, or was it kind of blah? Lots of strapless, sweetheart necklines and lots of column dresses w/ mermaid tails or trains. Lots of black but the "in" color seemed to be that deep teal or midnight blue that first showed up at the Golden Globes on Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman (neither of whom did I see at the Oscars tonight). Good thing I recently bought that deep teal strand of apatite ovals ;-)

If I had to pick a best dressed...I'd say Cate Blanchett. I don't think a lot of people could pull off that pale yellow, but she looked radiant in it and I loved the unusual broach she was wearing and the unexpected pairing of the deep maroon sash and bag with the pale yellow. Never would have thought of putting those colors together, but I liked it.

Some almost rans:

Hilary Swank's dress was the most perfect fit I've ever seen on a dress and she has a truly stunning figure. I loved the back of the dress, but I wasn't as crazy about the front. I thought the neckline was up a little too high and also...hmmm, how to put this politely...I think she was a bit cold if you know what I mean. Hilary, honey, they make these nifty shield thingies nowadays that work wonders (or you can always go w/ my mother's secret me...they work wonders!) Also thought she could've gone with slightly bigger earrings since the front of the dress was so covered up and severe.

Virginia Madsen's dress was just stunning and her hair and makeup looked great. Now, as much as I love the big earrings...I wish hers had been just a TAD smaller. I thought they kind of overpowered her face and got tangled in her hair.

Renee Zellwegger...beautiful ruby-colored dress and kudos for being able to walk in that Morticia Adams-like mermaid tail. I have NO idea how she managed to do that, not fall, and also not look totally ridiculous with those little mincing steps. I'm not crazy about the dark hair on her, though and Renee, seriously EAT SOMETHING occasionally okay? Sheesh! Your collarbones could slice bagels!

Beyonce...loved the neckline and fit of the dress and the earrings were to die for. If you have to go with basic black, this was the way to do it.

For jewelry, I loved the pearl lariat that Laura Linney was wearing (but I hated the color of her dress...looked like drab prison gray) and Annette Benning had on an interesting necklace also that from a distance looked like some netted beadweaving w/ peacock pearls, but I'm sure it was something more spectacular than that. And BTW...what is UP w/ Warren Beatty? The way he behaved while Annette was giving interviews was totally weird...he was either drunk or he's got some early dementia going on (and I don't mean that to be funny...I was seriously worried about him).

The worst things I saw...Scarlett Johanssens's hair looked like it was done by Courtney Love...blech! And WHY can't Gwyneth Paltrow EVER get a dress that fits her on top? Either they're way too big (like her pink dress from the year she won the Oscar) or see thru (like the disastrous Goth/chicken cutlet year) or they're way too tight and all smashed looking like this year. I don't get it. Oh and Star Jones REALLY REALLY needs to have her cameraman shoot from a different angle! They were shooting over her shoulder all night so every time she moved it was a straight shot down the front of her dress. Soooo not attractive. And someone just make Kathy Griffin go away. Not funny and didn't add ANYTHING to the broadcast. I've got to remember to always watch this stuff on mute so I can just see the fashion and ignore the inane blathering from the commentators.

On the medical front...we're all still stick and to make matters worse, Ryan came down with an ear infection yesterday and was up most of the night screaming. Dean ended up driving around in the car with him in the middle of the night trying to get him to fall asleep. They made it all the way up to Long Beach before he finally calmed down!!

We got him in to the urgent care today and they confirmed the ear infection (duh) so we got to go back to Sav-On again GRRR! Oh and just for the cherry on top of our weekend...we're stuck in some kind of insurance limbo hell since Dean left the company in January and we switched all the coverage over to my name but apparently the big insurance bureaucracy wheels haven't turned quickly enough so we're having to pay cash for all these visits and medication until it gets straightened out and we can get reimbursed.

Okay, time to go and crawl back into my maximum strength Sudafed nightime sinus pill haze. Wheeeee!


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