Monday, February 14, 2005

More miracles...

Here's the latest information I have about Jonathan:

Jon will be moving to an in-patient rehab center soon. He's got lots of work ahead. His memory is very sketchy. He can remember a few names but that's about it. His parents spend most of their time calming him down. He wakes up in a state of terror. He's totally disoriented and can't see anything but shadows. His location is being kept as confidential as possible as he is considered a witness in the criminal case that will (hopefully) extend from the incident that caused his injuries. We continue to find out more about the miracles in this case. Not only was the paramedic who saved his life a friend of his, but he was not officially called on the case. He just happened to be walking by the house where the stabbing happened at the right time! Instead of being taken to the closest hospital trauma center, there was some type of traffic re-routing going on and Jonathan was flown to one of the top trauma centers in the country (I can't disclose the name). At the time he arrived, one of the nation's best cardiac surgeons was just finishing up there and leaving for the day (he doesn't normally practice there, but had come in to work on a special case) and when he heard of Jonathan's situation, he agreed to stay and perform the repair surgery on Jonathan's heart. He told the family that Jonathan is the first patient he's aware of who has survived this type of ventricular injury! Our family is so grateful for all the prayers, good wishes and support that we've you can tell from the story...they are obviously making a difference!

In other news...

We celebrated my dad's birthday over the weekend. Had dinner at a GREAT restaurant in San Juan Capistrano called The Sun Dried Tomato Cafe. Now, normally, I'm not a big tomato fan, but the cream of sun-dried tomato soup was to DIE for! Can't recommend it highly enough. As an entree, I had a filet of beef on a portabello mushroom w/ caremalized onions and a cabernet balsamic reduction sauce. Wow, was it fantastic. And don't even get me started on the incredible chocolate cake we had for dessert. In fact, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it :-) Apparently, the place has been featured on The Food Network, too. Anyway, it was awesome and you might want to check it out if you're in the area. It's right by the train station in the same building as the Ruby's

Spent most of the weekend working on stuff for the upcoming show. Oh, yeah, and I did tons of laundry, too, but no one wants to hear about that LOL! I haven't had a chance to scan anything yet, but I did a lot of turquoise and coral combos and also some coral w/ freshwater pearls and vermeil. In fact, I used up ALL my vermeil spacers and I've got to run get more. Also did some pretty faceted ocean quartz "pillows" w/ garnet and sterling silver. I wasn't sure how that color combo would work out, but I love it! Pics soon, I hope!

Take care all!


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