Friday, February 11, 2005

"It never rains in Southern California...

...but girl, let me warn you. It pours, oh man, it pours."

Sing along everyone! Okay, cheesy 70's pop tune time. See, when I was growing up, my dad would always sing certain songs for weeks (sometimes years) on end (and never the whole song but just 1-2 lines) and this was one of 'em so whenever it rains, I get this darned song stuck in my head. Don't even ask me about the YEARS that he was stuck on "Hey, Jude" by the Beatles.

Not that this is related to anything of substance...just that it's been pouring rain here all day. Have you ever tried to keep from getting wet all while managing a purse, an umbrella, a diaper bag and a recalcitrant two-year-old (complete with toys and giant parka his grandmother bought him for Christmas so he wouldn't ever catch a chill despite the fact that we live in Southern California) all while trying to get out of a car with only 8" clearance to the next car because one of the daycare dads is a jerk who hogs all the parking space at the house? Well, I'm here to tell you that it's totally impossible to do. I arrived at work looking like a drowned rat thanks to dropping the umbrella because I had to grab for Ryan who had dashed off to jump in the nearest puddle with the result that he got delivered to daycare with soaking wet shoes, socks and pants. And of course, today would be the day that I forgot to put extra socks in his diaper bag (duh, mommy). Not that the extra clothes in the diaper bag are all that much dryer since I dropped it into the standing water on the ground at the same time I dropped the umbrella.

Fortunately I had a package of new merchandise arrive in the mail last night that I didn't have time to open so I just shoved it in my purse and forgot about it until lunchtime today. So, I got the nice surprise of opening new beads while at work in the lunchroom which cheered me up considerably. I have to say this stuff exceeded my expectations in every way: gorgeous jumbo ovals of Apatite (a peacock-blue stone w/ veins of dark brown running through it). Think Nicole Kidman's dress from the Golden Globes. Also got some 10mm rondelles of Kyanite (silvery-blue w/ brown and darker blue flashes). I can't WAIT to start playing with both of these as I already can seem them with smoky quartz and freshwater pearls...and that's just for starters. These are some of the best quality, prettiest stones I've been able to afford so far and I'm really excited about being able to incorporate higher quality materials in my work!

Oh, and I saved the best news for last. I bit the bullet and signed up to do my first ever arts and crafts show so Silver Parrot Designs will be a vendor at the Ladera Ranch Spring Festival on April 2, 2005! So far I'm pretty excited about it, but I expect the panic to kick in at any moment! This probably means there won't be much new stuff posted to the website for a while as I'll need inventory for the show, but everything that's left will get posted as soon as the show's over. I will try to post a few pictures here along the way, though, so if you see anything you just *have* to have that's not on the website, e-mail me at and we'll work something out :-)

Have a great weekend everyone and stay dry!


P.S. Okay how many of you have that song stuck in your heads now? Bwaaahahahahah! ;-)


M said...

I'm sure the show will go fine.


Jenie said...

Not *that* one, but since you had to tell the story about your dad, I have Raindrops keep fallin' on my head stuck there because my best friend's dad would do the same thing!