Thursday, March 17, 2005

Contest Winners Announced, St. Patrick's Day Special and a li'l bit o' gossip!

Naming Contest Page - Free Earrings!

That's right - the contest winners have been announced on the website so head on over via the link above if you want to read the details.

There's also a 1 day special going on today in honor of St. Patrick's Day so be sure to check that out as well (you can get to it from a link on either the page above or the home page).

And last but not least, I found this little tidbit of gossip on MSN and (being a mom) just had to share it:

"And finally, just so we end on the same dirty diaper note on which we began, Liz Smith reports that Brooke Shields committed a parental faux pas recently at an L.A. eatery when she changed baby Rowan on the same table where she and husband Chris Henchy had been enjoying their meal. The worst part: Once the baby's bottom was spic and span, the couple ordered dessert. Say it with us: Ewwww."

Okay, darn right "EWWWW!" That's just SO wrong, people. Get a babysitter (and heck, these are rich stars we're talking about - don't they have a nanny or an au pair on speed dial?)and don't take the kid to the nice restaurant to begin with or at the very least, excuse yourself to the restroom and use the changing table there. Sheesh!

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Okay, I'm done ;-)

Take care all and Happy St. Patrick's Day!



Jenie said...

Eeeew! I hated when I was waiting tables and women would change their babies on top of the table or in the booth. For God's sake, that's what changing tables in bathroom are for. And the people who come after you do not want to sit where your baby's poopy butt has been. While we're on the subject of proper baby etiquette, I'm sorry, but you women whipping your breasts out in public so baby can feed need to put those things away. Tuck 'em under a blanket, for Pete's sake. You might thing your breasts are beautiful little milkpumps, but the rest of us don't want to see your engorged teat, with or without a baby attached to it. Period. Have some respect for your waiter and fellow diners. Please.

Silver Parrot said...

Oh mean this wasn't an isolated Brooke Shields incident? People are actually going around doing this all the time? Gag! I swear, some people were raised by wolves (actually, that's an insult to the wolves who probably DON'T poop where they're eating)! And I agree about the nursing in public bit. Heck, I didn't do it even WITH a blanket. That's what pumps and bottles are for. Although there's nothing shameful about the activity itself, I just think some things oughta be a private bonding experience between mother and baby. Having said that - more public places (restaurants, etc.) ought to have an infant care room where moms can excuse themselves to take care of "whatever" (nursing, changing, crying baby, etc.) And no, the restroom is not an appropriate place to nurse (someone ought to tell my company that one!) Okay, off my soapbox ;-)