Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Library Reduction Books: The Adept (Adept)

Okay, so, time for me to admit that my personal "library" has gotten totally out of control. Our small house just can't contain all of these books so, sadly, I must give up my dream of hanging onto all of them until one day I have a room entirely devoted to housing my collection. I had this pipe dream of a room with deep, plush carpeting, a comfy armchair recliner, a good light and all four walls having floor-to-ceiling bookshelves (except for the one spot for the fireplace). Most people would probably add a cat or two to this dream but since I'm deathly allergic to them, my dream-library is a pet-free zone. Actually, thanks to a dream-lock on the dream-door, it's also a husband, child and phone free zone as well :-) This is a REALLY BIG room, too, so there are probably some free-standing shelf units in the middle of the room as well and interesting cases of valuable knick knacks from all of my world travels, oh, and as long as I'm at it, I might as well throw in one or two of those sliding ladder thingies for reaching the books on the top shelves...except how will those work on the carpet? Hmm...well, it is a dream after all so just shut up and go with it ;-)

Anyway, the point is, unless I suddenly win the lotto, this dream ain't gonna happen sooooo....since we'll be having a neighborhood garage sale in two weeks, I've got to go through and cull out what books I can before then. Sob! Any leftovers will go to the local library.

As I'm culling, I'm finding time to re-read some of my special favorites that I'll be keeping and that includes "The Adept" series by Katherine Kurtz. I love her "Deryni" series as well (actually, just about anything by Ms. Kurtz is on my list of "cannot get rid of unless I'm dead" books).

In "The Adept" series, Sir Adam Sinclair is both a psychiatrist and a consultant to the Scottish police on matters of the occult (and, turns out, he has more than his fair share of occult powers as well). I know the occult dectective has been done a lot recently ("Angel", "Buffy", etc.) but this series has a lot more in common w/ Sherlock Holmes while still maintaining a good, fast pace and interesting action. Ms. Kurtz provides a lot of detail on Scottish history and I really enjoy the way she weaves knowledge of famous battles, castles, etc. in through the book.

She owns and is restoring Holybrooke Hall in Ireland and if you'd like to read more of her adventures, here's a link to her own website:

It's not quite as up to date as one might hope, but it does have some interesting information and a list of all of her works.

I get so jealous reading about the house she's working on. I was so born in the wrong age and on the wrong continent...I really, really lust after having a castle complete with ghosts LOL! I bet if I had one, it'd have room for a library! Oooh...and secret passages, too. I need me a coupla those along with a hidden treasure room (and treasure to put in it LOL!)

Aah well...a girl can dream.

Take care all!


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