Friday, July 01, 2005

Friday Book Review Books: Cordelia's Honor (Hugo Winners)

I'm trying to make the "Friday Book Review" a regular thing so let me know whether you enjoy it or not. I suppose if EVERYONE hates it, then I can stop ;-)

This book is actually two books in one: "Shards of Honor" and "Barrayar" and it features one of sci fi's best written female protagonists: Cordelia Naismith-Vorkosigan. In addition, it provides the kick-off point for the author's famous "Miles Vorkosigan" series which is an absolute MUST READ if you are any kind of sci fi (more specifically space opera) fan. I won't provide a lot of other details in my reviews because 1. they're available via the links to and 2. I like to let the books speak for themselves.

Another great thing about this series is that it's been out for a while so all the books are available in paperback and plus, there are like 10 or so books in the series so you're set for quite a while if you haven't started reading them yet. Be aware that some of the books have now been reissued in "compilations" (2-3 books combined in one new volume with a new name) so check carefully as you're buying to avoid duplication.

And finally, if you make it all the way through the Vorkosigan series, you might want to check out Bujold's foray into fantasy which begins with "The Curse of Chalion." Now this book, I will admit, starts of SLOWWWWWLY. But once it finally gets going, it's EXCELLENT! The two follow-ups, "Paladin of Souls" and "The Hallowed Hunt" are enjoyable as well. "Hunt" just came out in hardback, but the other two are available in paperback.

Enjoy and Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!


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