Friday, July 29, 2005

A banner week!

(insert sounds of trumpet flourishes here) It's been a banner week in the Osborne household! Ryan has used the potty every night this week successfully!! Da da da DA! I can finally see a faint light at the end of the diaper-changing tunnel. And, of course, it's great news for YOU, dear readers, as it means you can look forward to blog entries free of the mention of pee and poop in the near future. I KNOW! It's just so exciting!

And speaking of blog entries, a thousand and one thank you's to my friend, Jenie, for introducing me to the hilarity that is Go Fug Yourself Don't be put off by the slightly scary name - it's not dirty...just uproariously funny.

And now for the Friday book review:

I just finished the latest in Kim Harrison's "Witch" series which starts with Dead Witch Walking and is the tale of Rachel Morgan - surburban witch and bounty hunter. I like Rachel (despite her more questionable fashion choices which could definitely land her on the "fugly" website listed above) because she's very "human" despite being such a powerful witch. She's impulsive, she makes mistakes (sometimes big ones) and things in her life aren't perfect. Plus, she has this wonderfully sarcastic pixy named Jenks as a partner and he is small enough to ride around on her earring. That's just sooo cool - I want a pixy on MY earring Wow, that sounded SO Veruca Salt. I guess I should re-phrase. I'd very much like to have a pixy on my earring if one would be so generous as to grace me with its presence. Anyway, if you like the first book, there are two more out in paperback.

And that's pretty much it. I wish I had some finished jewelry to show today, but since I've spent all week on a pair of embroidered earrings that aren't finished yet, I got nada. And WHY aren't they finished yet you ask? Because they are not co-operating in the color department. I've ripped the darn things apart no fewer than FIVE TIMES already. I think I've FINALLY got something that works even if I'm not 100% crazy about it but I'll be pixed if I'm going to rip them apart again. I can't take it any more. I have NO IDEA how Sherri Serafini does this (especially on her larger pieces) without going completely insane. Still, her work is incredible and I'm in awe of her talent.

Take care everyone and try not to melt this weekend!



Jenie said...

wow...i made a veruca salt comment yesterday...and followed it with the observation that was so veruca salt. :) sadly, the shop girl went, "who?" ::sigh::

Silver Parrot said...

Hey...someone "gets" me! You know, this younger generation is obviously literarily bankrupt.

Jenie said...

lol! i just don't understand how you can reach 20+ years of age and not know the name veruca salt. there's even a band with that name, so you'd think the young'uns'd wanna know where the name came from. jeez! kd