Monday, July 18, 2005

Okay, so I lied...

...when I said there wouldn't be any new pictures for a while. I actually managed to get this set done over the weekend in addition to working on custom orders and repairs. But, it's only because it was basically done already and just needed the clasp and the earrings. I decided to call it "Canyon Road" after the street in Santa Fe with all the galleries and boutiques. The turquoise color of the lampwork beads reminded me not only of New Mexico in general, but also of the traditional blue doors in Santa Fe. I added smoky quartz to pick up the brown "matrix" in the lampwork beads along with some freshwater pearls and Bali vermeil beads, spacers and clasp.

I should have the set up on the site later today or tomorrow. I still have to figure out the pricing on it and edit the appropriate web page before uploading it.

In other news, I got my business taxes done only to realize that I can't mail them in yet because I have to write a check for the amount due and I'm out of checks! Or rather, I should have two books of checks left, but I can't find them anywhere. I hate it when I lose stuff - especially important stuff that ought to be right where I left it the last time. So, had to go on-line to the bank's website and order more checks only to find that they're going to charge me $20.00 for even the BASIC, no-frills design! I guess I'm just old, but I remember when checks were FREE! GRRR!

I spent the rest of Saturday working on a custom order and then DH and I went down to Balboa Island for our "date night." We had dinner and walked around for a while then got Balboa Bars for dessert (yummmmy!) We had planned to take the ferry over to the peninsula and go to the fun zone for a while, too, but both of us kept yawning all during dinner so we finally decided to just head home instead. We'll save the ferry for another time.

Sunday we went to church and then took Ryan to the pool at my parents' neighborhood club house. He had lots of fun playing in the water and we talked to one of the lifeguards about signing him up for swim lessons. Then we went to my parents' house to get cleaned up and hit a new Japanese restaurant nearby for dinner. We hadn't gone there before because we thought it was ONLY sushi and not everyone in our group will eat sushi. But, turns out they have lots of other stuff on the menu so we had a great dinner. And, of course, Ryan charmed the staff by saying a few words in Japanese for them, LOL!

Take care all!


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