Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Blah, blah, blah

Not much new to report around here except that my neighborhood raised over $700 for hurricane relief this weekend which will be turned into $2100 via a local company that's going to match our donation 3-1. So, way to go Harvest Neighborhood!

I'm working on my own design to be auctioned off for hurricane relief. I'm actually hoping to get two auctions up so I can send the proceeds from one to support people and the other to support animal rescue. I can tell you that one of the designs I have planned is prehnite, citrine and gold...well, that's what it is right now. Sometimes I change my mind mid-creation LOL!

This weekend we're taking Ryan to the birthday party of one of his friends from daycare. They're supposed to have a real fire engine and firemen at the party which I'm sure will be a thrill for the kids. Especially Ryan - he is ALL about anything fire engine related right now. Every morning we have to locate and call out each fire hydrant we pass on the way to daycare. There are a LOT of fire hydrants in our area ;-)

See, I told you nothing much was going on. Sometimes my life even bores the snot outta ME.


P.S. Has anyone else been watching Kathy Griffin's reality show, "My Life on the D-List?" I'm totally addicted to it and can't wait to see the finale tonight...


Jenie said...

As I have already pointed out, I am joining you on the auction thing. I like that you're doing two, since the animals left stranded are freaking me out. :( You rock. :)

Jenie said...

duh; i forgot to say that i think the prehnite and citrine sounds *gorgeous*!

Silver Parrot said...

Uh the pressure's on LOL! I hope I can achieve gorgeousness. Sometimes designs look better in my head and these are two colors I haven't played with much so we'll see. Thanks for the encouragement!