Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday Book Recommendation

It’s time for the Friday Book Recommendation(s)! Remember last week when I mentioned Wen Spencer’s “A Brother’s Price”? Well, I enjoyed it so much that I went looking for her other books. I had hoped to get the Ukiah Oregon series, but as usual $()#&@)!! Barnes and Noble let me down. One store didn’t have any of the books and the other store only had the LAST one in the series. I am sooooo not going to start reading a series by picking up the last book. That’s just dumb.

I really miss the days when book shopping meant more choices than just Barnes and Noble and ordering on-line from Amazon. Here’s to the memory of Crown, Walden, Bookstar and all the other wonderful stores that used to actually carry a wide selection instead of, as B&N does, just the bestsellers and most recent books (except that they can’t even get that part right as I often have to wait a month or more for a “new release” to hit their shelves).

Okay, rant over (at least temporarily). Back to my story. I had to content myself with another Spencer book, ”Tinker.” It’s a stand-alone so it solved my whole series dilemma. And wow…Spencer hits another home run! I really enjoyed this book! It was a great blend of science and fantasy and nice to see the female character being the techno-genius for a change. Add in some handsome elves and some pan-dimensional bad guys and voila! Lots of fun. I have to admit there were a couple of false notes regarding the romance between Tinker and Windwolf. I felt it blossomed a little too quickly and that there were some important questions that Tinker should’ve asked that she never seemed to get around to, but then again, Windwolf is awfully H-O-T so I might’ve forgotten a few important things myself given the chance to hit that.

Also, regarding last week’s discussion on Michelle Sagara’s “Cast in Shadow”, I have to admit that the conclusion turned out to be a little more satisfying than I thought it would be, but still, it wasn’t enough to really turn me around on this book. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be picking up the sequel. Still, it’s a shame because the world-crafting is really top-notch. One of the more interesting backgrounds I’ve come across in a long time. So, if deliberately unclear and mysterious conversations that go nowhere don’t bug you…it might still be worth picking up.

I’ve moved on to a couple of other books this week, but haven’t finished them yet so I better save them for next week’s review. At least one of them is already looking fantastic so stay tuned!

In other news, I spent my lunch hour yesterday interviewing a pre-school for Ryan. A friend gave me a 3 page list of questions that she used during her search for pre-schools and I put this poor school director through the ringer. How is that I can be totally doing the “good mom” thing and still feel like a total dork in the process? The one good part is that I took Ryan by there later in the day so they could assess whether they’d put him in the 2 year room or the 3 year room and he was just awesome! He followed all the directions and when they got out shapes for him to play with…the kid named ALL of them correctly, including “octagon” for heaven’s sake! I try not to brag on him too much, but I was SO proud of the little guy. Of course, they said he’s definitely ready for the 3 year old room. Now, DH and I just have to come up with the $$$$!

Damn, pre-schools are expensive!

So, looks like we’ve got a typical weekend coming up. The car needs a smog check, the carpets need to be shampooed, I’ve got jewelry to make and organize for a possible upcoming show and the piece de resistance? I get to spend part of a day fighting the crowds at Babies R Us looking for a shower gift for my sister-in-law’s shower next weekend. And, according to the registry this morning, some b*tch already bought the gift I was going to get which means I’ll have to actually SHOP AROUND to find something instead of just running in, grabbing and checking out.

Sigh. I hate that frickin’ store.

I need a drink already. Cosmo’s anyone?

Happy Weekend, all!


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