Monday, September 19, 2005

This Weekend and Northern Lights

I wish I'd had a more exciting weekend to report about, but it mostly consisted of chores, church, working on jewelry and taking Ryan to the zoo. Where I learned that a pile of dirt to run and slide in is FAR more interesting than 16 different varieties of monkeys.


Although, I can't really say that I blame Ryan all that much...I wanted to get out of the monkey area pretty badly myself. Did you know that the smell of monkey piss can actually strip the lining of your sinuses in about 30 seconds flat? Neither did I...til Saturday.

Oh, and I also got complaints that this zoo doesn't have a lion. But then again, this is the same kid who asked me today for a "broccoli milkshake" and insisted that that's his favorite so I suppose I can't take the lack-of-lions complaint all that seriously. Where on earth did he come up with the idea for a broccoli milkshake?

My plans to exhibit at a hurricane relief benefit show on the Queen Mary this next weekend have fallen through, but I'm still planning to do a show in Irvine on Nov. 12th so stay tuned for details.

In the meantime, here's the one piece I managed to get completed this weekend:

I call it "Northern Lights" but I'm not in love with the name so if anyone has any suggestions...lemmee have 'em. As usual, the scan doesn't really do it justice. The pearls are peacock pearls and are actually all shades of purple, plum, mauve, green and blue and the labradorite pendant has a nice spot of blue flash right in the center of it that the scanner didn't pick up at all.

And yes, I know, I need a good camera. Just as soon as I win the lotto...

Both this piece and the black bangle bracelet from last week are now up on the website and available for purchase!

C'est tout aujourd'hui! A la prochaine...


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Jenie said...

Oo la la la la! Or as we say in the english, oh, wow. :) What about Aurora Blues? (too cheesy?) That thar's purty. I mean, c'est tres belle; trop formidable! :)