Friday, September 02, 2005

Oh and one more thing...

Here are the pictures of the earrings I made earlier this week. "Ancient Treasure" is African prehnite and Bali silver and matches the "Ancient Treasure Necklace":

Then I made two pairs to go with the "Mermaid's Treasure Necklace":

Everything is up on the website and available for sale as of today.

I am now IN LOVE with these shell disks. I must have more of them. And the vendor isn't selling them on their website (boo! hiss!) which means I have to wait until the October Gem Faire to get more. I may not be able to take the stress...

Oh, and now a random, "pondering the existence of the universe" type rhetorical question. Why is it that I can wear a shirt of any color except white and NEVER get a stain on it, but if I wear a white shirt, I spill something on it EVERY SINGLE TIME! Is there something about the color white that interferes with brain function to the point that I become a walking spill-a-thon? Seriously, I must know why this happens! And dude, the answer sooo better not be that it's due to the same mysterious force that steals one sock out of every pair that I put into the wash or my head my spin right off my neck and go bouncing down the hall.

By the way, you have not REALLY had to deal with this phenomenon of missing socks until you have leetle, teeny kid-sized socks in your wash. They don't just disappear one at a time. No, they disappear in packs. I'm thinking of stapling each pair together prior to washing in the hopes that I might get ONE functional pair back out of the machine. Oh, and I could insert a whole rant here about a certain male parental unit who thinks it's okay to take the leftover single socks and put them on our kid and send him out of the house looking like Rag Boy, the Motherless Wonder, but I won't. Because that would be mean.

Happy laundry day, all, and keep an eye on those socks! They're sneaky li'l suckers!


P.S. Please don't anyone think that the silly post above means that I'm not tuned in to what's happening in the hurricane areas. I just thought we could use some levity and distraction in the light of all the bad news. I hope to announce an auction of some of my jewelry items for funds to be donated to hurricane relief soon. Stay tuned for details.


Jenie said...

Hurray for levity! Levity is good! :) I appreciated the laughs. I want those disks too. You are so mean to continually flaunt them by posting them in my face! ;)

Also, I see you have become familiar with that oh-so-diabolical addendum to Murphy's Law, the White Hypothesis, which speculates that white, the presence of all color, actively affects all things of color around it. It is, in effect, a white hole, generating enough gravitational pull to attach to any spec of color-bearing substance in the air around it, no matter how small. So if you spill a drop of coke, or a blob of spaghetti sauce flies out of the pan while you are cooking, the natural arc that substance would otherwise take is directly affected and, subsequently, disrupted by the magnetic/gravitational pull of the white of your shirt, and instead of following its original trajectory, is pulled instead into the fabric of your shirt. Or pants, if you oblige folly enough to wear those.

Since, of course, whatever substance it is was not originally incorporated into the light-reflecting capabilities of the white fabric, it upsets the color balance with a preponderance of whatever color it is, thus causing that color to stand out in high relief against the rest of the shirt. Or pants.

I'm sure there are physicists who could explain this better than I. I am just a girl who learned long ago not to even walk near a kitchen which *might* contain a pot of spaghetti sauce while wearing white.

Jenie said...

Also, I am rabidly jealous you have prehnite.

Silver Parrot said... are too funny. Here's my mom's corollary to your "White Hypothesis": if you are ever...ahem..."late" (if you know what I mean), just wear white pants and the problem will resolve itself immediately.

Oh and on the prehnit? I'm compelled to say "neener neener." ;-)