Monday, April 24, 2006

The Flame Bracelet Lives...

...except I cannot take a decent picture of it to save my life. Sigh.

The good news is that I have learned how to use my digital camera AND how to take the flash card (formerly known as the “little card thingy”) out of it. And also, guess what? There’s a slot in the side of my photo printer (hey, I have a photo printer – who knew?) that the flash card fits into perfectly and then the computer automatically ASKS YOU if you want to download the pictures from the card onto the computer. So, I have pictures. And they made it to the computer from the camera. This is BIG news.

Yay, me.

In fact, here are a couple more butterfly pictures from my vacation:

According to the exhibit brochure, these are "Common Buckeye" butterflies. However, with their orange and purple spots, I think they're anything but common-looking. And these two were so polite to sit still and pose for me (unlike the giant swallowtail butterflies which were willing to sit on my hand until I whipped out the camera and then flew away and I never did get anything but a blur of them).

But, as usual, I digress.

The bad news is that, miraculously good butterfly pictures notwithstanding, this camera is a piece of crap that will NOT take a decent close-up picture no matter what I do. Obviously this calls for desperate measures. I must buy a new camera.

Yes, that’s right. I, the most technologically challenged person on the planet must venture out of the house (which is frightening in and of itself) and go to technology stores and chat up teenage geeks (why does this suddenly feel like high school again?) and try to somehow get myself a camera that will take close-up, detailed shots but that will not break the bank. Because my bank is SMALL, people. As in miniscule. Microscopic. I could even go as far as calling it nonexistent (see previous entries about new shoes and massive vacation shopping spree).

Why can’t Best Buy have a BOGO sale? Oh, right. Because it’s run by geeks instead of sorority girls.

Anyway, here are the best shots that came from my weekend-long bracelet photo shoot:

And yeah, I know, they’re blurry. Guess my longed-for invitation to be a guest photog on ANTM will not be forthcoming any time soon.

I’m going to go have a headache now. How was y’all’s weekend?


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