Friday, August 11, 2006

More Pics

As promised, here are a few more pictures from the L.A. Gift Show:

This is a set of beautiful dichroic glass cabochons that I picked up from a new vendor. Created by fusing glass in a kiln and then cutting and polishing it to shape, glass cabs often are somewhat asymmetrical and can be a challenge to use in a design. I really loved that this vendor had such high quality pieces and had done such a good job with her cutting and polishing to get very nice shapes. The colors are phenomenal, too. The scan does not do them justice.

This next picture is a set of hand-crafted ceramic beads:

The colors are beautiful and the scan doesn't catch that the top halves of the white beads are a metallic silver (almost reflective) color. Yum. These beads came from the same vendor that sold me the beautiful Russian lacquerwork pendant I bought back in January. I made sure to get more lacquerwork this time so I don't spend the next six months lamenting that I missed out:

I wish they'd had more pansy pieces available this time because I loved the black rectangles I got in January and the earrings I made from them sold right away. They just didn't have as much selection this time in the flowers, but I got what I could. I don't think any of them are as dramatic as the previous pieces (sorry, Linnea), but they're still pretty.

Okay, that's it. Site update later this weekend if I can figure out how to FTP from home.


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