Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Who ate the last piece of pecan pie?

It's Thanksgiving and I just had to say that diet or no diet, I am eating pecan pie on Thursday so I recommend standing back. Don't get between me and my pie, people!

And now, this...

Look, actual jewelry on a jewelry blog. Who woulda thunk it? I’m sure everyone is sick of my male-bashing, emotional catharsis, lame song lyrics and obsession with fashion and make-up. So, instead, I bring you seasonally inappropriate jewelry such as my new “Butterfly Garden” bracelet.

I don’t know why I’m working in spring colors in November, but sometimes you just gotta go where the spirit moves you. I got out my entire lampwork collection on Saturday and decided to peruse it for inspiration. That took a lot longer than I had originally planned. I should maybe cut back on the bead-buying for a while.

Yeah. Right.

Anyway, this sweet little set in white, lavender, blue and green just jumped out at me. I THINK they were made by Alisha White, but I could be wrong. Normally, I put a little tag with the artist’s name in with the beads when I store them, but the tag for this set has gone missing so I’ll have to use my best guess. The accent beads are white and lavender freshwater pearls, amethyst Swarovski bicone crystals, spring green Swarvoski cube crystals, ice blue Czech fire-polished rondelles, moonstone rounds, faceted blue lace agate rondelles and Bali silver. The clasp is a sterling silver butterfly toggle that I bought at the L.A. Gift show last year.

I still haven’t managed to make it outside with the digital camera to photograph the lavender embroidered bracelet, but here are a couple of pictures of my latest embroidery bracelet project:

And a close-up:

For this piece, I decided to try incorporating other beads besides just seed beads. I’ve used some royal blue freshwater pearls, Czech fire-polished rondelles, and Japanese Miyuki drops and bugle beads.

Lastly, I made a couple of pairs of earrings with sterling silver filigree tops:

One pair uses Swarovski crystals and Japanese Miyuki drop beads (which are clear and thus hard to see in the picture). The other pair has faceted blueberry “quartz” briolettes along with some seed bead and crystal drops. I’m not crazy about this design and may re-do it. I think the seed beads are just too casual for the rest of the earring. Perhaps I’ll replace them with some loops of chain or maybe some crystals.

That’s pretty much it for now. I’m hoping to get some more work done on projects over Thanksgiving weekend. Kidlet will be with the X so I’ll have a lot of free time other than dinner on Thanksgiving with my folks at the Dana Point Cliffs Resort. I’ve always heard about their Thanksgiving buffet so I’m looking forward to trying it. Architect Guy is apparently “gone with the wind” so it’s back to the drawing board on the whole dating thing.


Men suck.

But, you know, Happy Thanksgiving and all!



Jenie said...

Love the cheery butterfly bracelet. That's a good pick-me-up. :)

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