Friday, September 24, 2010

Bead 3D!!

Okay, not really...I just thought I'd try to cash in on the whole current 3D craze. I think it's funny how suddenly EVERYTHING has to be in 3D.

Even the kid is getting affected. He told me last night that he would ONLY go to the movies with me this weekend if the film we're planning to see is in 3D!

Frankly, I don't see what the big deal is. I saw "Avatar" in 2D and I don't really think I could've liked it any better just because it was 3D.

And besides...those ugly-ass glasses not only bust my whole "uber-fine" vibe, but they give me a hell of a headache!

But, if you are 3D obsessed (like my kid), feel free to put on a pair while looking at this week's bead porn:

Image transfer brass locket from Urban Rose.

And, as usual, I couldn't decide which design I liked the best so I had to get more than one.

Okay, so I got 3.

Uhhh...make that 4. She also has these amazing brass cuff bracelets with peacock feather images. I've definitely been eyeing those - I think I need one for my personal jewelry collection!

More of Lynn Davis's lovely faux porcelain - it's really hand-painted polymer clay set in pewter.

I loved the darker, more mysterious vibe of this pendant from Lynn. I'm picturing lots of jet beads and some oxidized metal or gunmetal to go with it.

I've been having so much fun lately doing bracelets that start with a large focal component and then have chain and dangles dripping off the sides so I asked Barbara from Floridity to make me something out of her "Whisper" collection that would work that way. I think it came out perfectly and can't wait to use it in something!

This petroglyph style seahorse is from Star Spirit Studios.

This pretty bird pendant in autumnal shades of gold, green and brown is from Spirited Earth.

I liked the contrast of the previous pendant vs. this one which is much more icy and wintry looking.

Then, I went back to Spirited Earth a week or so later and she had all these awesome beachy charms and pendants and I can never resist anything with that theme (it's a sickness, really) so I got this cute brown and teal starfish pendant.

And a green starfish pendant.

And a wheat-colored scallop shell with a starfish riding on its back.

And, probably my most favorite piece, this beautifully detailed blue and green mermaid pendant.

I'm still on my "be more discerning about lampwork" kick so no glass this week, but I hope you enjoyed all the great metal, polymer clay and ceramic goodies!

We have quite the busy weekend planned. Kid is taking his latest Tae Kwan Do test tonight and will (hopefully) emerge from it as a Senior Green Belt. Then, tomorrow, we have a Cub Scout event at Lowe's where the boys are going to get some basic instruction on tools and learn to build there own fire trucks. I will, of course, be the only female there (since his Dad couldn't make it). Sunday, we are going to see the Owl movie (but only if it's in 3D, apparently).

Yeah, no beading for me this weekend. Gah - it's so frustrating to have NO free time!

Hope you all have good weekends and get time to indulge in your creative pursuits!



swopemelmel said...

Wow your bead porn this week is simply x-rated. That Lynn Davis heart is to die for. The mermaid is sheer perfection and the 2 lockets with the maidens on them are just dreamy.
As far as the 3D glasses messing up your "fine ass look", just throw on some of your uber fab jewelry and attention will be off the glasses for sure. Enjoy!!! That film looks great, let us know.

TesoriTrovati said...

Nice scores! I love those lockets and such from UrbanRose. I have been stalking there for some time. And you just cannot go wrong with anything that Lynn Davis makes. I really love these things.
Hope you find a few moments just for you.
Enjoy the day!

Spirited Earth said...

i love that lily chocolate from urban rose..and of course everything that lynn makes is out of this world..
thanks for sharing my beads as well.
can't wait to see what you make with them.