Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Missing: One Blogger

But that's what happens when you go bowling for the first time in 29 sprain your finger. And then you can't type for 3 days. Which means no blog entries.

Of course, I know everyone's life came to a grinding halt without this blog. Frankly, I'm surprised there weren't riots in the streets.

And just to make sure that peaceful conditions are maintained, I figured more resin was in order.

When last we left off, I'd taken you on a trip to Deauville, France. As long as we're there, I figured we might as well visit a few other famous French cities:

Like Cannes. Film festival anyone? Just hang on a minute while I grab my couture gown.

Or maybe an aviation festival in Rouen is more your style?

I know! Let's take an underwater voyage a la Jules Verne.

Of course, one must pack accordingly for such an extended journey - including floral body powder...


...floral lilac toilet water (*snicker* she said "toilet water")...

And, of course, Madame Pivet's Complexion Beautifier. I never go anywhere without it ('cuz I need a LOT of beautifying!)

While on the trip, we may see luxurious gardens.

Or famous works of art (I THINK this is a Van Gogh, but I'm probably wrong).

Or beautiful flowers.

More beautiful flowers (wish I knew what these were).

Whew! That was a long trip...but I still have more beads.

I call this design the "peacock kaleidascope." A tiny pearl has been added to the center.

This pretty bird is taking a sprig of flowers back to his nest.

I have no idea what this design is other than something to do with the Mayflower - I just liked the colors and the layout.

Vintage-style ladies chatting in a garden (they are probably gossiping about their friend who isn't there).

Beautiful shell and water images.

A lovely waterlily - my personal favorite out of this bunch.

Mermaids on the half shell, anyone?

An icily transparent fairy...with glitter.

Butterfly fair in autumn colors.

A wintry fairy with her pet unicorn.

Of course I believe. The world would be a dull place without a little fairy magic ;-)



kelleysbeads said...

So. Did you sprain your finger at the start or the end of the bowling expedition? We need to start looking for a bubble big enough for you. And your car. Geez

EmandaJ said...

Lovely! Thanks for the sneak peek. You are really getting good at this resin thing. Must be all that practice.


Kristen said...

Oh don't you think you are off the hook just yet I was just about to get a riot started and you posted in the nic of time! (Whatever a nic is)
I love the new resin!!!!


Boot ~C said...

The floral body powder bezel is really beautiful. I know in the past you have had problems w/ 'grease spots' on your paper & I wanted to know if you are using resin on paper straight or do you mod podge your paper first? I got a 1 oz Ice resin & am about to start on my own resin adventures. ( & for the record, you were missed!)

TesoriTrovati said...

I love that little bird with the sprig. And yes, that is a Van Gogh. And I painted it. Well, not this one, but about 4 years ago in a gem of a place called Art Village, that has sadly closed its doors in Feb of this year (I miss my good friend Rainy Day so very much. And yes, that is her real name.) I took my very first art class ever. Oil Painting the Masters. We were instructed that first day in August to pick out a Master's work of art and then set about to replicate it. No, it was not a forgery class, but a great exercise in mixing colors and understanding the mindset of some great artists. I still have that painting, although not quite finished and not quite the same, adorning my studio. I see it every day and I love it!

Nice job!

And I did miss you!

Enjoy the day!