Monday, September 27, 2010

Hooray! It's Summer!

Except...oh wait...NOT!

And yet, Mom Nature (who is obviously a WAY meaner mom than me even if the kid doesn't believe that) has decided to once again screw with the weather. After a summer of oddly cool temperatures during which I had to wear a sweater at the beach and we rarely even broke 80, she has decided that we needed to experience this yesterday:

Yep, that's right. 106 degrees in my driveway yesterday. And it's even hotter today! As I drover over the pass at about 8:15 this morning, it was already 87!

Tomorrow, it's supposed to "cool off" a high of 89. Multiple days of uber-hot temps in So Cal mean ONE THING: fire. I expect by tomorrow that everything will be on fire around here.


The kid and I tried to escape the heat for a while yesterday by going to the movies. One of his friends came over afterwards so I did actually get a teensy bit of free time to make jewelry. Of course, the perfect project for teensy blocks of time is...earrings!

So here they are:

I started with a set of teeny tiny lampwork nuggets from SFDGlassBeads.

I was originally going to call this design "Butterfly Sorbet", but after thinking about it I realized that was a bad idea because 1. EWWWWW...who wants to eat sorbet made out of butterflies and 2. There's probably some "Anti Butterfly Defamation League" out there who would get their panties all in wad and accuse me of being a butterfly terrorist and whatnot and really? I don't have time for that (beads to buy, jewelry to make, air conditioning bills to pay...y'know...the IMPORTANT stuff).

Soooo..."Berry Sorbet and Butterflies" it is. Pewter butterfly charms, sterling silver chain, tiny lampwork nuggets in shades of raspberry, grape and peach and lots of sparkling crystals.

I had another set of tiny lampwork nuggets from the same vendor so I made another pair.

Bottoms on these are cubic zirconia brios.

I used a more uniform type of chain so the dangles are clustered more closely all up and down the length.

And then I got all artsy with the picture taking - mostly to show how awesomely sparkley these are when the blazingly hot and hellish light of the sun hits them. I called this pair "Summer Seas."

Okay, back to the heat...and trying not to think about what my A/C bill is going to look like this month.



Julianna Cannon said...

As I sit here with the windows open and a nice cross breeze blowing through the room, I shudder at the memory of 100+ temps ALL SUMMER LONG. That's June through yesterday in these parts.

And I feel for you girly. TRULY.

Ice cubes + bathtub = summertime BFF.

Gorgeous earrings! Now I have to put teeny tiny beads on my To Do list.
Love 'em!

SummersStudio said...

Love the colours in your earings. They look fun to wear. I totally feel for you with the heat. We're just now getting into the low 80s after a long summer of stinking hot weather. Hope you get a break in the heat soon 'cause those fires you get out there are pretty horrific. Not to mention a break in the AC bill.

Kristen said...

Love the earrings!! I use Jenelle and Danielle's beads a LOT, they do really manage to get a whole lot of sparkle into those tiny little beads!! :) Beautiful job! I like the names too...Butterfly Sorbet would not have worked out! LOL! ;)

lunedreams said...

Love them both!! Esp. the second pair, i've been into that color combo all summer. Um, how bout "Excuse Me Waiter, There's a Butterfly in My Sorbet"?

TesoriTrovati said...

Last night I had to put socks AND what I call my 'sleep sweater' cardigan on. Only my nose was poking out of the covers and it was chilly! Today we will be luck to reach a high of 59.

I love what you have done with these! Those blue ones are my favorite. Very lush and vibrant. Such great beads you have.

Thanks for sharing!
Enjoy the day!

Artisan Clay said...

I was thinking about you when I saw the news of the Heat Wave.

My Cali transplant Mother-in-Law is chilly in sweaters and slippers this week with 60-80 degree weather and rain.
(I've been chilly too)

Kristen said...

You have made so sparkily goodness there! I love them! Sorry about the temps we are finally out of the rain and have a nice cool breeze with a little sun! Stay cool