Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today's Dilemma

Warning: this entry contains severe grossness. So if you don't enjoy that sort of thing, I suggest you skip straight to leaving me a comment telling me how fabulous I am.

For those who are still here, you were warned.

If you don't now or have never lived with a boy child then you have not experienced the extreme level to which their lives revolve around all things poo and poo-adjacent.

That's right. I said poo. As in the Big #2. Poop. Turd. Crap. Dookie.

Or as my son learned in science class this week: feces.

His new favorite word.

Thanks, Science Teacher.

So, on to the dilemma. Just as we were leaving the house this morning, I discovered that the kid had stopped up the toilet in the guest bathroom (notice not HIS bathroom) with a big ol' pile.

Now, do I:

1. Take the time to plunge it and thereby make us late to school and work?


2. Leave it for when I get home knowing it will be 8 hours grosser at that point?

Which would you choose?

Oh, and don't think it didn't dawn on me that while most people go home to a husband, partner, and loving family, my option is to go home to a toilet full of poo and a date with a plunger.

What a perfect metaphor for my life!

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Kate said...

This post made me laugh out loud...literally. I have 3 boys all under 5 years so I TOTALLY relate to the poopy posts! Although only 1 of mine is in diapers the other two are still in the "experimenting with the stream" stage so heaven FORBID someone call their name while they are peeing. That means you have to look to see who's calling you and do you just turn your head?! NO, it must be a 90 degree turn at the knees while STILL peeing :P

chacha1 said...

Oh poor dear! without too much speculating on how much is actual excrement and how much is paper (it seems paper is the culprit more often in public bathrooms, at least) I hope you left it for the evening. Better to face it when you are not going to make yourself late for anything, and best of all you can proceed directly from the operation to the wine.

SummersStudio said...

Really tough choice. BTW, they never ever grow out of this fascination with all things poo related.

Tara P. said...

GAH! I would do it right then - after eight hours, it's going to smell and look AWFUL! Well, worse than it does now!

TesoriTrovati said...

Everyone goes home to a pile o' crap. Yours just happens to be real crap, Miss Kelly! I don't envy you your date with destiny. Perhaps this is a perfect time to share tips on plunging with said boy child!
Enjoy the day!

Cynthia said...

KJ - You are SOOOOOO Fabulous.
'nuf said.

rockcreekcreations said...

Warning, could get graphic!!

OK, I totally feel for you! My man-child stops up the toilet every time. And no, I won't teach him how to plunge because, well, since he can't even hit the bowl with #1, I'm not going to give him a #2 tainted stick to swing around.

My bad was when he was 3 to tell him about Dung Beetles. Yeap, you guessed it right, that's where they live. My life went down hill from there!!

Good luck!!

Cathryn said...

Yep--raised a boy child...Yes he focused on poopy things. Then I married a man. Didn't realize until after marriage that little boy fixations on poopy things lasted well into adulthood. Most of the time it's contained until something poopy-related comes out. Then it's free for a few minutes.

My son's most infamous word was "facetious"--thanks to his English teacher. He couldn't wait to use the word--either correctly or incorrectly. It must have been used in 4 out 6 sentences for a long, long time. Some times, he used it several times in a sentence--just to be sure he got his quota in. :D

The joys of motherhood. The choices of motherhood. :D

EmandaJ said...

Oh Kelly, I'm sorry to hear about all that sh*t. You'll just have to start calling your son Winnie (as in Winnie the Pooh).


Kristen said...

I am hoping all went well with whatever you decided. I will however tell you that unless this was on your mind all day there is a chance you my forget (if it didn't contaminate the house with its wonderous smell) and the next time someone goes it will be much worse! Have a great poo free day!