Friday, August 21, 2015

"We're All Ears" - August Challenge Reveal

This Earrings Everyday "We're All Ears" monthly challenge inspiration was provided by photos of Antelope Canyon in Arizona.  It's a famous, often-photographed location.  Although we didn't visit it on our trip to Arizona this past spring, the rock colors and formations remind me a lot of what we did see in Sedona so I was excited to participate this month.

Here's one of the inspiration photos:

I focused on a few of elements for my designs:
1.  The fall of sunlight through the rocks
2.  The overall warm color scheme including yellows, golds, oranges and reds
3.  The sedimentary layers and striations in the rocks
When I saw these pre-made gold components with all the chains, I immediately thought of the inspiration photo with the sun falling down through the rocks.  I was a little on the fence about using something pre-made (although I have to admit I keep getting more and more tempted by some really great components at a certain craft store).  The negative side is that using them reduces a portion of the handcrafted element in the finished design.  On the plus side, they save me some time AND they are a great jumping off point to get my creativity flowing when I'm either at a loss for ideas OR have too many ideas in a logjam because they're all trying to get out at once.

For the top portion, I used 14k gold-filled wire and headpins to wire-wrap some crystal dangles.  The main glass beads look orange in the photos, but in real life, they are a gold color with orange striations like the rocks in the inspiration photo.  A tiny orange crystal sits on top and I upped the value factor by using 14k gold-filled French hooks.  I called these "Sunfall."
Inspiration photos containing all the warm shades of yellow, orange, copper, and red seemed like the perfect opportunity to break open my hoard of Kristi Bowman's* amazing copper components.  I selected this pair with lots of lines to represent the striations in the rocks.   

Although the photos don't contain any cool colors, I remember from my Arizona trip how beautiful the sky was and that there was a surprising amount of green and even water in the desert.  To represent this and act as a contrast to the copper, I selected some lapis lazuli rondelles and some tiny faceted Czech glass seed beads in turquoise with a Picasso finish on them.  Copper spacers, wire, headpins and French hooks complete the design.  One other thing I did that is different than my usual style is that I used open/plain loops on the dangles and the connection between the bead "stack" and the copper components.  Normally, I always used wrapped loops for extra security, but the wraps add a bit of extra space and/or become part of the design when I don't necessarily want that element.  I'm very happy with the experiment from an aesthetic viewpoint.  Hopefully, they will hold up from a security standpoint as well.  This design is called "Desert Waters."
This pair is kind of literal when it comes to the colors and the rock striations, but they were just too perfect so I couldn't pass up using them.  These ceramic dangles are from Scorched Earth.

I added a stack of bronze ceramic Mykonos spacers and a tiny faceted Czech glass rondelle in bright orange.  I call this design "Sunset in Sedona."
Hope you enjoyed my designs.  I'll get them into the Etsy shop soon along with the other new designs from last week.
*By the way...I partially blame Kristi for my bird photography obsession.  Not only did I learn about Wild Bird Wednesday from Kristi, but it was an utterly amazing photo she took and posted of some Cedar Waxwings that sent me over the edge into "I wanna do that, too!" territory.  AND, she was kind enough to answer my silly newbie questions about her camera gear.  As an added bonus, I think my jewelry photos are improving as a result of all of my recent practice on the birdies.  Thanks, Kristi!! 


Cindy Martin-Shaw said...

Wow, you were inspired to create so many gorgeous earrings! I love your focus on the sunlight beam falling through the canyon, and those earrings are lovely. I can just imagine those gold chains dusting a bare shoulder just like the sunbeam dusts the rock. Exotic! I love Kristy's pretty components paired with the lapis and turquoise glass on Desert Waters. I know exactly what you mean about open vrs. wrapped loops. I feel the same way about using those. The Scorched Earth pair is perfect to capture this inspirational place. Beautiful creations!!

Alice said...

So many earrings and I love them all

Kristi Bowman said...

Wow those fringe earrings are fabulous!! I'm very happy to see my Bear Claw components used for this challenge, so much fun!! :) :)

Kathy Lindemer said...

Each pair is wonderful. The first pair is very creative with the use of the component that you found and the way you turned into a pair of earrings. I love everything Kristy and Scorched Earth make so naturally I love what you created with those components. I have to say the colors in the Scorched Earth components took my breath away, Well done!

Karin G said...

What a lovely collection, I especially love the second pair because of the cool/warm contrast in the colors.

Terri said...

Love the concept of the chain acting like the light shining down..brilliant and those earrings are gorgeous! All lovely but I'm still geeking out on the first pair!

Veralynne Malone said...

Great job! I love the chain dangling. And the swirls on the second pair definitely mimics the swirls of the canyon! And the colors on your third pair is right on spot. Thanks for posting.

Tammy Adams said...

Gorgeous designs. That first pair are some seriously flirty shoulder dusters. The second pair are my favorites. The warm copper focals with the cooler blue-green beads is perfect.

TesoriTrovati said...

You were inspired! I would love to visit the Southwest someday. I like that you added the blue. I imagine that if you happened to look through one of those openings at just the right time you would find that pop of color! I love the long chain components. I know what you mean about the handcrafted thing... I struggle with that daily. I just never have the time to completely handcraft anything, so that is why I embellish! Like the moon shaped pieces I used were from a longer chain. I just hammered them up and added the beads and they become handcrafted with love! I even like the sort of tribal look to the markings on that one. Great use of beads and playing with different styles. Thank you for participating in the Earrings Everyday We're All Ears challenge. Check back on the blog on September 4th for the next inspiration! Enjoy the day! Erin

OksanaB said...

I like every pair, but the first one is absolutly stunning! I also used chain for one of my pairs :) Great job!

Bijoux Gems Joy said...

These earrings are all great. I just love the shoulder duster length of the first earrings.


EG CameraGirl said...

I think the designs are stunning!

Sarajo Wentling said...

What a nice group of earrings! I especially love the last pair with the Scorched Earth pieces.