Friday, March 24, 2006

The Un-Book Review

Sorry, no review today. I've just been so busy this week that I haven't had time to read as much as usual. I'm in the middle of two books, but haven't gotten far enough to review them yet so I'll have to save them for next week.

In other news, I have a couple more songs for the "embarrassing mix tape":

35. "Kiss Me" - Tin Tin. Another "scene-setting" song. I can just see myself at the UCLA Sig Ep "Freezer" party dancing with Tony A. to this song. He was one of my boyfriend's roommates and since I loved to dance and my boyfriend was not all that fond of it, Tony would always find me when this song came on at parties because he knew I loved to dance to it. He was an awesome dancer, too and SOOOO good-looking. I always kinda secretly hoped he'd ask me out after the boyfriend and I broke up. Sadly, he never did. But he was a great dance partner.

36. "Mickey" - Tony Basil. In true girl-cat-fight form, this song caused a big feud between the drill team (which I was co-captain of my senior year when this was going on) and the cheerleaders. You have to understand that at my high school, the drill team was by far the cooler group. Not only were we the better dancers, but we were state champions and garnered the lion's share of the attention at the football games - especially during the halftime show. So, the cheerleaders? Not our biggest fans. The summer of 1982, both groups were at the high school campus working on routines for the various camps they'd be attending before school started and both groups happened to pick this song to use. Of course, each group accused the other of copying their idea. Looking back, I'm sure it was just a case of it being THE popular song at the time and fitting well with both our styles. But, at the time, I was convinced that we'd had the idea first and the cheerleaders ripped us off. I do know that they stole some of the choreography because I know my own moves and I know who I taught them to and it wasn't the cheerleaders. Anyway, it got so bad that the faculty had to step in and decide which group could use the song (why we both couldn't use it I don't remember, but there you go) and they awarded the song to the cheerleaders because it was a more "cheerleaderish" song (see the video if you don't believe me). Of course, we were pissed because camp was only a few weeks away and we'd been working on that routine all summer. But, we rallied, picked a new song ("Crazy Train" by Ozzie Osbourne") and I worked feverishly to choreograph it and we went on to take first place at camp and then perform the number at the first pep assembly of the fall where we received a standing ovation that went on so long that the assembly ended before the cheerleaders got to perform. Ahhh, sweet justice. Frankly, I think the "rocker" clique was just so happy to finally have something at the assembly featuring "their" kind of music instead of KROQ stuff that they just went berserk. The cheerleaders didn't speak to any drill team member for the rest of the year. Which, looking back on it, was not a great loss.

I miss those days. I think it's time to take a dance class or something again although I'm sure my knees will not thank me for it LOL! Y'know, I might still have that "Crazy Train" tape somewhere and I KNOW I still remember most of the routine. It scares me to think what could come of that knowledge LOL!

Happy weekend all!



Jenie said...

Now *that* is an awesome story. :)

Silver Parrot said...

Isn't it, tho? Of course, I left out the bit about how I got in trouble for my choreography of another routine to "Superfreak." Apparently, it was a little too risque for the vice principal's taste. All I know is the football team loved it. Which forces me to once again pause and wonder why I couldn't get dates in high school.