Friday, March 31, 2006

Slacker's Blues

Okay, so there hasn't been much in the way of posts this week and there's not gonna be a book review today.

This doesn't happen too often to me, but I've seriously had the week from hell so no time to read OR write.

I'm in the middle of THREE books right now and haven't made much progress on any of them this week. And behind them is a nice pile of new stuff sitting on my bedside table just waiting for me to have some down time. (insert picture of me laughing uproariously)

But the three I'm currently reading should make some good review fodder if I can ever get them FINISHED.

So, be patient with me and have a good weekend everyone!


P.S. To the person who dare, DARED! to write a pro-LSU comment on my last blog entry, I offer the following:

"Sons of Westwood"


"Mighty Bruins"


Oh, and also...bite me! ;-)

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