Monday, March 06, 2006

Mea Culpa!

So sorry there was no book review on Friday - Ryan and I got hit with the first virus of the year last Wednesday and neither of us felt like doing anything until Saturday. But, on the upside, said virus didn't arrive until March 1st...which is a decided improvement over the last two years where the kid has brought home every bug under the sun starting in November and lasting until May!!

But, this means there'll be a nice, juicy review this Friday instead of the semi-lame "one book" entries I've had the past few weeks so stay tuned for that.

After recovering from the illness de la semaine (as opposed to "du jour" because it lasted more than one day), I was able to get a pair of earrings done:

Czech glass and citrine on vermeil earring tops form these 2.5" earrings. This is a new color combo I haven't tried before and I'm quite happy with it. They're up on the site for sale as of today.

I also hit a bead show this weekend and managed to come away with a few goodies despite my currently very limited budget. Luckily, I had a few orders come in this week plus an advance from a customer on a custom job so I did have some funds to spend. Haven't had a chance to scan the loot yet, but will put up pictures (of course) when I do.

Lastly, I had hoped to post and talk about some of the Oscar fashions and jewelry, but sadly, I missed almost all of the red carpet fun due to a cold medicine-induced coma...grrr!

I did catch a few glimpses and so far, my faves were Jessica Alba's gold dress and yellow diamond jewelry and Felicity Huffman's black dress and the fabulous diamond pin in the back of her hair. I normally don't care for black on the red carpet because I figure, well, it's black and can be done any old time, but that dress really fit her perfectly and her hair and makeup were just sensational. If there was any little thing I could pick on it was that the daring neckline on the dress exposed the fact that the girl needs to EAT something! You could see and count every single rib and that's not attractive. Reese Witherspoon's dress was AMAZING and I'm so glad she won!

As for missteps, I couldn't believe Charlize Theron's getup. That dress was hideous...totally overpowered her, unflattering in the hip area and photographed a dirty, dingy gray instead of the forest green it supposedly was. Plus, I thought her hair was kind of old lady-ish. Killer shoes, though, Charlize. Really!

I didn't like Michelle Williams's dress, either. The mustard color did nothing for her, the bodice looked like it didn't fit her and the draping over the hips and pelvis hit in exactly the wrong spot. I also didn't care for Nicole Kidman's dress. It looked too much like a bridal gown and I thought it was just totally the wrong color choice considering how much she's bleached out her skin and hair lately. Also, she's another one who needs to EAT SOMETHING SOON! I'm so tired of "thin" and "slender" being replaced with "skeletal" and "consumptive." I'd like to see Nicole go back to the days of the wild, curly red hair and maybe allow herself a teensy bit of healthy color instead of her "bride of Dracula" pallor. Scary. Lastly, I didn't care for Keira Knightly's necklace. I mean, let's face it, she's a woman who could be dressed in sackcloth and ashes and look fabulous so I realize that I'm picking the world's smallest nit, but it WAS too much for the neckline of her dress which was quite complicated enough on its own. That one detail kept her from being quite as totally fabulous as she could have been.

You know what the really sad thing is? George Clooney put EVERYONE else - male and female alike - to shame. Damn, that is one HOT guy.



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