Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ribbons and Cords

Just to show that a jewelry designer does not live by beads alone, I thought I'd post some pictures of some gorgeous new stringing material that I've gotten in. These are some hand-dyed silk ribbons:

The reason there's a question mark is that the artist selects the colors for you so it's a "surprise." I received a package of mostly earth tones which I think will be great with the colors that are "in" this spring.

The same artist also hand-dyes silk cording and I got some solid colors (teal and lavender) as well as the mixes shown in the two pictures below:

Yummmy! I can't wait to use these in some designs. I think they'll be great with my embroidered fabric pendants. In fact, Jenie, I think this means I can re-create that aqua lace pendant you liked so much. You'll be the most stylish girl in Paris (and that's saying a lot!)



Anonymous said...

ooo! i WANT some! how can i get them, and WHY HAVE YOU BEEN HOLDING OUT ON ME???! jenie

Silver Parrot said...

HA! That will teach you to go to Paris without me! Neener, neener!