Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Flame Bracelet Update, etc.

I’ve made a lot of progress on the flame bracelet. The beaded section is completely done and I’m ready to apply it to the bracelet blank and do the edging.

I had planned to work on that last night, but frankly, after I got the kidlet off to bed, I just wanted to watch some really bad TV and hit the hay. I think I have Disneyland hangover from Sunday.

It’s a good thing I designated this as a “test” project because I’m not happy with it at all. My only hope is that once it’s attached to the bracelet and I’ve done the beaded edging, it will cover up a multitude of flaws and at least make it wearable for me. Hey, you know, sometimes experiments don’t work out…that’s why they’re called experiments. But, as stated in a previous post, I learned a lot and think my work will benefit from that in the future. I’m excited to start new projects and put these lessons into play.
That’s really it except I’m looking forward to watching a new episode of “House” tonight on Fox. I really like that show, but I keep losing it on the schedule because of stupid things like “American Idol” (wow, I soooo hate that show) pre-empting it for weeks at a time. I mean…Hugh Laurie vs. loser wannabes and fixed voting results…which would you choose? Yeah, I know. Duh. At least I’ve been able to console myself with the episodes from season 1 that I missed by getting the DVD’s from Netflix. Yay, Netflix!
C ya!


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I think it looks cool. :)