Friday, February 03, 2006

New Goodies

And, here are a few pics just 'cuz I'm bored today...

This set of purpley-pink boro swirl beads is from 5 Fish Designs. I have to say that this set fooled me - it looks totally different in real life than in the picture (which is a hazard of photographing boro glass). In reality, it's got a lot of purple and beige and not much of the pink or red is visible in plain light. Don't get me wrong, it still looks great, but I might not've selected it over other beads if I'd seen the real thing...not my color palette of choice.

And, I got this funky boro and dichroic spiral pendant from Jeff Welsh. See, he makes more stuff besides the sea horses, sharks, dolphins, sea dragons, etc. I think this is going to look great hanging from one of the new leather necklaces I got at the LA Gift Show. I'm really having fun finding new and different pendants to put on those - I like the low labor and instant gratification of them.

The only thing that's holding me back from getting them up on the website is that they are all 16" and I wanted to add some sterling silver chain to the back as extenders in case anyone wants the option of wearing them at a longer length and I'm out of chain soooo...soon's I get a chance to hit the bead store and get some chain, I'll get some of these babies up for sale.




Jenie said...

pretty pretty beads. you are evil. i also want to buy that blue flower pendant with the insanely gorgeous silk ribbon, just as soon as I can actually afford it, so please don't sell it to anyone!!!

Silver Parrot said...

Alas and alack! It was already sold before I showed it to you at the gift show - I just brought it so you could see what it looked like in real life. But, I still have some of the same materials left so you never know...I might make another one ;-)