Monday, February 06, 2006


Mickey Mouse! Mickey Mouse! Sorry...leftover songs stuck in my head from taking the kidlet to Disneyland over the weekend. I've been looking forward to this day since I found out I was pregnant - the first ever Disneyland trip. Y'see, I grew up living only 20 minutes from Disneyland and in the days before it cost the GNP of a fair-to-middlin' sized country to go there. Yep, the days of the ticket books and the "E" ticket rides. So, I think I kind of took it for granted a little bit. I was excited to re-discover it through the eyes of a child and see the wonder and amazement as he discovered all these new things. And I wasn't disappointed.

We rode the train around the park and since I had mentioned dinosaurs, he kept asking "where are the dinosaurs?" over and over. We rode the Peter Pan ride and the Jungle Cruise (he loved the elephants and the piranhas and the crocodile). We visited Toon Town and did "It's a Small World" which I think was his favorite because before it was even over, he said "let's do that one again."

And, since it was a special day for him, I suspended the rules about candy and junk food (well, within reason LOL) so he got to have french fries with his lunch and a lollipop later on in the afternoon and we also shared a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar while we watched the parade.

He was a little trooper and made it all the way to the afternoon before falling asleep in his stroller so my friends and I took the opportunity to do a little shopping on Main Street while he slept. I got him some fun goodies to surprise him with tonight because he was such a good boy. No crying, no tantrums, he asked twice to use the potty (we're working on potty training) and just was a total superstar the entire time.

It was great to re-discover everything through his eyes and I'm thinking about getting an annual pass so we can go again whenever we want. Heck, I need to go back on my own sometime and do the "big kid" rides, too!

Besides, we never even made it to California Adventure!

With all that going on (plus mailing out orders, going to the bank, dishes, laundry, etc.), no jewelry was made this weekend, but I do have another fun picture to share:

This beautiful set of boro beads is from 5 Fish Designs and yes, they ARE yummy!

Take care (and I hope no one is in the path of the fire!)



Jenie said...

You went do Disneyland without me? I hate you. Hate!

Silver Parrot said...

Well, now that I know you want to go, you're more than welcome to come next time assuming you want to keep up with a 3 yr old LOL! BTW...I don't think they let "haters" into the Magic Kingdom. There's some sort of force field on the entrance or something. :-)