Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Project #2 Update

I'm not nearly as far along on this project as the previous one. Although they were both started at the same time, I decided to focus on the bracelet due to the fact that this piece needs a black ultrasuede backing and I'm out of that particular fabric. It's on order, but has been slow to arrive. So, I figured, why not work on/finish the piece that I DO have the backing for.

Here's how this project started out:

The center cabochon has been attached and the peyote bezel is complete. I've done some additional rows of beaded backstitch in white and silver around the bezel. I've sketched in and partially beaded some of the design as well as adding some accent beads and starting the peyote bezels around them.

Here's the next phase:

Here, you can see that I've finished beading the swirl design and I've finished the bezels on all of the accent beads. I'm starting to fill in the black background beads. And, the black ultrasuede arrived in the mail today so I need to crank up the work on this one and get it done. I'm hoping to get the backing applied to the bracelet blank tonight so it will be ready for me to attach the beaded section as soon as the beading is done.

That's it - another fascinating glimpse into the slow-as-molasses progress of bead embroidery.



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