Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No Escape

I know, I's been more than a week since I posted something resin-related and I'm sure y'all thought it was safe to go back into the blog-waters.


I've got a new set of designs to share, but first, a bit of Etsy store housekeeping info:

I did a little budget squeezing and was able to drop the shipping costs at BeResinable. I've recently heard that the Post Office is considering a rate increase (again), so not sure how long I'll be able to maintain the lower costs, but for now, shipping is a bit cheaper in my store than before.

Secondly, after a GREAT idea was tipped to me by the wonderful Miss Erin of Tesori Trovati fame, I decided to open up a Flickr group where people can post pictures of anything they've made with a BeResinable bead, link or pendant. So, if you've purchased something and used it, feel free to join the group and post away. I've already put up all my example pictures.

Since it's been more than a year since I ran a big contest, at the end of August, I'll randomly pick a design from those that have been posted and that person will win a big beady give-away!

And, if you saw the 9 lb. box of beads and stuff I gave away last summer, you know that my give aways are WELL worth winning. Since I gave away so much last year, I probably won't have QUITE the same amount this time, but I'll have several great jewelry and bead books to make up the difference. I've already started collecting the prize stuff - I've only been through 2 drawers so far and already have 1/2 a grocery bag full of stuff.

Oh, and everyone is welcome to join the group - whether you have jewelry to post or not. Come on by and check things out! Also, feel free to shamelessly promote any of this on your blog/facebook/twitter or wherever if you so desire ;-)

Okay, as if that's not enough, here's my latest resin-spiration...personalized initial pendants!

(waits for applause, cheers and gasps of delight to die down...hey, a girl can dream, right?)

I kept seeing great artwork in different styles incorporating alphabet fonts and I thought it'd be fun to have your own, personalized pendant. So, I picked out a few of my favorite styles, found a great source for nice, heavy-duty, silver bezels and resined away:

I call this design "Spring Meadow." I have the entire alphabet and can do any initial letter. I've even grabbed some coordinating scrapbook papers so I can make extra small beads or links to match if people want that.

This one is called "Floral Clockwork." It's girl and yet the clock still gives it a bit of that vintage/steampunk vibe.

This one's made to look like a vintage typewriter key against the teal/white polka dot background. I actually found paper to EXACTLY match the background and can use that for extra beads/components. I call this design "Dotty Type."

Don't like round pendants? "Aqua Flourish" comes in a square shape! This one is my personal fave!

I should have all of these listed on Etsy this evening. These are just samples - I have plenty of bezels and can do any letter of the alphabet. Some of them even came with numbers, symbles or extra words (hope, believe, etc.) so I can do that, too.

That's it for today. Happy Wednesday!



Kristen said...

Oh to have one of those "K's" would be a dream! Alas only a dream at this point in time but they are on the Christmas list for sure!!!!


TesoriTrovati said...

I love doing initial pendants! I have a line that I call my W.O.W. (Words of Wisdom) pendants. These are so pretty and very different from what I have seen! I am going over to join the Flickr group right now! Thanks for the shout-out too.
Enjoy the day!
(But I had to snort at the "Tesori Trovati fame" comment! ;-)

lunedreams said...

LOVE the "dotty" one especially!!!
K's rock.

kelleysbeads said...

Nicely done, KJ. I can tell your resin work has come along quite nicely from when you started.

Um, dropping the shipping charges? What? How swell of you!

EmandaJ said...

Ooo, these look fum!


Meghann LittleStudio said...

Oh WOW! Those are gorgeous! I'm not normally an initial pendant person, but DUDE! I'd totally wear a few of those! Great job, I'm sure you'll sell squillions :)