Thursday, May 19, 2011

American Idol - The Final 3

I know the results are on right now, but I'm not watching. I have to DVR this show because I can't stand some of the filler crap, the ads, and sometimes Ryan Seacrest.

So, without knowing how the results are going, here's mt take on the singing last night (as if anybody cares what I think LOL):

1. James should still be here and ultimately should have won, but I think that was so obvious that it lessened the suspense and therefore he had to go. This is not the first rarity show where I've seen manipulation to get rid of a clear winner to muddy the waters for the rest of the competition. But that ship has sailed so I guess www have to move on.

2. Scotty has the most distinctive voice of the remaining contestants. I am not a country fan, but when he busts out those low notes, I could listen forever. I thought he got lucky on the song choices and really show his range with the Kenny Rodgers song. He had the most consistent evening out of all of them.

3. Lauren's performances were all just okay for me. I felt like she was out of breath and rushing in places on the Faith Hill song. I think she's great, but young, and has some growing to do.

4. Haley, Haley, Haley. As always, song choice is her weak spot (well, that and the fact that the judges hate her except maybe Steven who seems creepily into her). She kicked ass on the Zeppelin song ( and yeah, I know, I'm a rocker so that's always going to appeal to me, but she really did do it well). And how cool was it that her dad played guitar on it with her? Loved that touch! Then Jimmy gave h a tough one with Rhiannon. Not only is it such an iconic song, but I think it's a hard one to sing especially when they make you chop it up in the wrong places so it doesn't flow well. And then the judges totally screwed her with the Alanis Morrisette song. She didn't really have a chance with that one.

My personal picks are Scotty and Haley. We'll see if the rest of America got it right or not.


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Sally Anderson said...

We record this for the same reason. Can't stand all the filler stuff and, really, we're both so over this show. The best ones are gone so who cares. I thought the final 2 would be the 2 that are there (we didn't watch any this week just read about it) b/c Haley argued w/ the judges which always seems to be a no-no. Basically we say, who cares! HA!