Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bored Beyond Belief

Today's post title comes from one of my all-time favorite movies, "L.A. Story" with Steve Martin. There's a scene where he's inside his house but is looking out one of his windows and he writes (backwards so it can be read correctly from outside the house) "bored beyone belief."

And that's how I've been so far this week. Can't seem to get interested in anything and certainly don't feel like being creative. Life has been super crazy busy, but not the interesting kind of busy that usually gives me blog post ideas.

So, I thought I'd throw out some questions to the group. What's your favorite boredom cure? Or, do you even get bored - maybe you've boredom-proofed your life? If so, how'd you manage it?

And if those questions are too boring for you, then share what your favorite movie is and why.



Cynthia said...

I am sorry, I do not have a cure for boredom. I usually lay on the sofa comatose, surfing for something interesting on TV. There's never anything interesting, which is why I ended up with Wen haircare products and Sheer Cover make-up. They must put in subliminal messages to get you to call the 800 number!!
So, my favorite movie would be...."Careful He Might Hear You". It came out in the 1980's and I think it's from Australia. It's about a boy who's mother died during childbirth, and a custody battle between his 2 aunts. Looking at it with a 2011 eye, the music is way too loud, but the boy is so sweet and such a good little actor. A very touching movie.
Another favorite movie of mine is "Swingblade". Very different than my 1st choice, but I'm noticing a pattern - it also has a little boy in it. I'm sure you have heard of it, or have seen it. It was very popular when it came out.
By my choices in movies you made have figured out that I haven't seen any new movies in past couple years. Maybe I could go to the Red Box next time I get bored!!

Lorelei Eurto said...

I get bored a lot. I normally watch some tv or go for a walk. or play a game on the phone/computer.

omg did you see that movie back in the day with whoopie goldberg and doogie hauser (when he was a kid)?? it was such a good one.

kelleysbeads said...

It is rare that I'm bored, but I think that is a result of biting off more than I can chew and always feel behind. Between work, family, blogs, pets, beads and photography I don't get much time to just relax. I find myself sometimes wishing for boredom :)

EB Bead and Metal Works said...

Sorry about the boredom problem. One of the things I use to do was sit on the couch and watch TV, but since I have done away with cable I have to go over to mom's to work in the studio :)
I have to say I love the L.A. Story and I haven't watched it in years, going to have to pull the movie out tonight to watch. I love the movie Nell, Star Trek and Star Wars (IV-VI). And of course documentaries - How the Earth Was Made, The President's, The State's, The Universe. I am a closet geek :)
I hope your week gets better!

lunedreams said...

If I'm really bored that's when I will call a friend, because chances are I'm just bored with my own company. I mean, I can only entertain myself for so long and then my shtick just gets really old. If I'm bored at work (which is pretty much the only place I'm ever bored anymore) then it's more of a challenge. Unfortunately I usually end up buying something I "really need." Sometimes I will read a book.

I think my favorite movie is Ghostbusters. I have lots but that one always comes to mind first. So many classic lines, and I adore that old SNL crew!

Jen V. said...

Hey'll snap out of it soon. :)

Fave movie: Sixteen Candles. How can any other movie compare? It's perfect!

Sally Anderson said...

THANK YOU to Cynthia! I loved that movie and we often say "Thank you, Vanessa, very very very very much," which comes directly from that movie. But we'd forgotten the name of it. I can't believe that just yesterday we were saying we'd love to see it again if only we knew what it was called and here you are! WOW O WOW!! It was more than 20 years ago when we saw that and loved it!
My boredom fix used to be eating. But I don't do that any more. I get out beads or a book. I love to read (especially on e-readers, like Nook or Kindle or my Droid phone). I read about a book a week and wish I read faster. But I watch tv when I'm beading so I'm writing down that movie and getting it soon! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

when i'm bored, it means that nothing sounds appealing. so i just go to bed and watch spooky ghost shows on you tube.

Mary Newton Designs said...

Not so much bored as depressed. I usually sleep a lot and hope I feel better the next day. BTW, L.A. Story is a good movie-I think it's time to re-watch it.

steufel said...

No cure here. So I share my fav movie - I love "Arsenic and Old Lace". Old one but it is hilarious and I can watch it over and over again:-)

SueBeads said...

I do get bored too. Not bored that there's nothing to do, but bored like, do I have to do that again...whining. The garbage. Picking up kids. Making dinner. The life is boring, I need a good trip feeling. The something has to be better than this feeling! Hang in there, the creativity will come back!

Gardanne said...

A walk in the woods or a trip to the studio will always clear my head.

Meghann LittleStudio said...

Oh! I get bored and restless all the time. I watch a good movie (right now Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley), or listen to REALLY loud music, or go for a walk, or take a hot shower (can't seem to settle long enough for baths though, lol).
Hope your weekend goes well, and that next week is even better :)