Friday, May 20, 2011

iPad Odyssey - Part 2

So, there I was at the customer service counter...ready for all my techno dreams to come true.

When I realize that in the pile of accessories is an iPad case, but not the one I asked for. This case is really nice. It's leather, and OF COURSE it's mire expensive than the one I asked them to pull for me. Plus, the camera adapter cord I asked for is not there. I mention this and the eveer so helpful Best Buy employee I'm dealing with (who will hereinafter be referre to as teen geek #1 or TG1) says "oh, just go back to the Apple aisle and pull whatever you want."

Which would be okay except that I am NOT techno-savvy so I'm not really sure what I want. I was sorta kinda hoping the stor would be staffed with experts who could help me. I guess I need to lower my expectations in this as in so many other things.

Off I head to the Apple aisle where I find a bewildering array of cables, but not, as far as I can tell, the one I want for my camera. There is one package left of the case I want, but it's been opened and looks kind of thrashed.

I take that package back to TG1 in the hopes that she can find another one in the back that hasn't been mauled quite so badly.

Turns out no joy on that one. So we inspect the cover and despite the open box, the internal packaging hasn't been breached so I decide to go ahead with my purchase which also includes the invisible-shield to protect the screen. I ask TG1 how long it will take to apply the shield because I need to get back on the road to the office since I'm only on my lunch break. She assures me "10 minutes."

I run out to the Subway next door to grab my lunch and then to the gas station to fill up and then head back to pick up my new iPad.

Which is supposed to be ready, right.

Except they haven't started on it yet. Don't ask me why since there are at least 5 TGs standing around doing nothing and no other customers in line.

TG1 tells me "give us 10 more minutes."

Well there goes my hope of getting back to the office on time, but I can TASTE how close I am to my iPad so I say sure.

10 minutes later, TG2 informs me that he's put the shield on, but has screwed it up and needs to re-do it.

I ask how long that will take (already knowing the answer) and remind TG2 that I'm on my lunch break.

He asks "would you like to come back later."

I politely respond that no, I would not like to come back later and then clamp my lips shut so I don't continue with the rest of the sentence that says "what I really want, loser, is for you to have done this in 10 minutes the first time like you promised AND to have not screwed it up, but I'm stuck here now so fine, I'll wait ANOTHER 10 minutes!"

10 points for me for keeping my cool.

So TG2 goes off to re-apply the shield and I take a moment to ask TG1 if there's anything I need to know about setting up the iPad and/or if she can do it for me in the store. She assures me that all I have to do is take it home and sync it up to my iTunes account and it will walk me through the set up INCLUDING signing up for the 3G service.

Remember those fateful words because they will become important when I tell Part 3 of this tale.

TG2 returns and shows me that he has once again not been completely perfect with the invisi-shield as there is now a scratch at one edge and two bubbles. Since they are on the edges and don't interfere with the main screen area, I decide to cut my losses and take off before anything else goes wrong. After a high speed race back to the office (during which it is AMAZING that I didn't get a speeding ticket), I'm back at my desk and gleefully looking forward to a fun evening hooking up the iPad and taking it for a test drive.

Little did I know that the TGs were going to play a big part in my evening plans as things steadily got worse...



Mellisa said...

Oh excellent literary prediction skills have me clued in to where this is headed...and it's not pretty!

My iPad2 came on Thursday, a bit of a story in itself but not as bad as yours :) When it comes to things like this, I've learned that online ordering is the way to go!

Anonymous said...

oh no, what a bummer!

Sally Anderson said...

And then...????

Meghann LittleStudio said...

Oh crap. See? THIS is why I don't get any new technology! I have a laptop, and it took me 6 years to replace my old one, for fear that the new one would be screwed up. I like my new laptop, but jeez, I can't imagine getting an iPad or an iPhone. I'd be totally screwed.
Take care,

Beverly Herman said...

I paid to have my screen put on because I wanted a professional installation. I did this as soon as it arrived by FEDEX to my front door. The girl at Best Buy put it on with the greatest of ease. I brought it home and Huston there was a problem. They put it on backwards. Anti-glare shields put on backwards means you have a pixilation on your screen. It was a mess. If you got a Zagg screensaver. Make sure you register it. They will replace it no questions asked for as long as you own your ipad.