Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This Is What Happens...

...when your son lets a container of about 500 ladybugs go in your backyard.

And then it's kind of cold that night...so the ladybugs bunch up for heat.

Which puts them into a nice, convenient "to go" package for the birds when they wake up in the morning.

And then you come out and take a picture of the ones that are left.



susanc said...


SummersStudio said...

How sad. I know the birds have to eat but it just doesn't seem right that the lady bugs didn't have much of a chance.

SueBeads said...

You are hilarious!

TesoriTrovati said...

To go package for the birds! HAHAHAHAHA! It reminds me of those commercials for that hotel chain that makes up goodie bags for those business travelers who are flying off to their meetings in the morning and need a pick me up. That is what I am envisioning!
Enjoy the day!

Copper Diem said...

"to go" package. LOL you are too funny