Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This Just In...

This entry was going to be about my continuing saga of being in iPad hell and maybe a little bit about American Idol, but the household gods had something else in store for me.

I arrived home this evening and, upon hitting the button for the garage door opener, watched a flood of water pour out of the garage and down my driveway.

Y'all, this is my FOURTH ;$&!!@-/!!!!) flood in this effing house!

Of course, my first thought was that Ryan left the water on after brushing his teeth or something and frankly, after the last flood he caused, I'm not sure he would've lived to see 9 if he caused this one, too. Okay, okay, that was totally a joke, but it would've been close.

Fortunately for him, it looks like it was the relief valve on the hot water heater...same thing that caused my very first flood back in 2003.

So, yeah, now the floods are repeating themselves.


On the upside, my garage is full of plumbers who are actually kind of cute (and not a butt crack in sight, either).

As for American Idol, doesn't look like it's a fair fight with Lauren's voice crapping out (see, I told you Haley should've been in the final!), but so far, Scotty is kicking ass!

Go, Scotty!



kelleysbeads said...

It is never ending with you. I think it's time to move.

SueBeads said...

We had heavy rains last night and I came downstairs to my basement today to find it had flooded. Fan running right now. Yuck!

EB Bead and Metal Works said...

Sorry about your house!!!! I have had only one minor flooding in my house but I feel your pain. At least the plumbers are cute :) I hope everything worked out with your Ipad, I have been reading the saga and I sooooooooo feel your pain with that. Good luck!!!!