Thursday, February 12, 2015

More New Earrings

I just love earrings.  I've gotten to the point where I can't really tolerate the weight of a necklace (especially when I'm at work) so I really rely on earrings and bracelets for my daily bling.  Plus, earrings make up so quickly you get that (almost) instant gratification fix - I never get bored with a design before I can get it finished as sometimes happens to me with larger projects that drag on too long.

This pair started off with these lovely enameled copper disks from Eden Art Glass

Add in some aged copper wire and findings and some cranberry "cruller" Czech glass beads and you have my "Arabian Medallion" earrings.  

These enameled copper rings are also from Eden Art Glass.   

I chose bright copper this time and added some glowing blue Picasso Czech glass rondelles to create these "Juniper Berry" earrings.

These unique "S" shaped lampwork glass components are from Unicorne Beads and they have been sitting around in my stash for years.  I have actually tried to use them multiple times, but I just could never quite get the right color combination or the right supporting cast of beads.  In fact, I'm still not sure I like what I've done to them. 

Part of the issue is that the glass is so thick that a regular earring wire loop or jump ring just will not fit around it at either end.  I do think these pale celery Chinese crystals are the closest I've come to picking up the dichroic sparkles in the glass, but I still feel like everything I put with these components just ends up cheapening the look of the design.  Maybe they are just not destined to be earrings and I need to put them into a necklace?  So frustrating...if I end up taking this design apart, it will probably be about the 10th time something hasn't worked with these.  They are so beautiful - I can't figure out what the issue is...grrr!


Saraccino said...

Mh... I see what you mean with the little "clash" with the gorgoues "s" beads. All your other earrings are lovely and nicely balanced but the last one... hard to describe but I know what you mean. Just a tiny wee bit missing.

How about using a dark matt wire without shine? A really dark oxidised copper just slightly buffed with renaissance wax? Also a matt or dark bead to have a kind of contrast to the extreme shiny dichronic beads sparcle?

Shaiha said...

Wish that I could find that making earrings are quick and I really like the second pair. They have just the right amount of bling.