Thursday, February 05, 2015

More New Stuff

I said there was a back log LOL!  I don't just have new designs to post, there's bead porn, too, so I'm thinkin' I'll do a bead porn post for Friday.

Now, on with the new designs!

I've had this ceramic ice cream cone pendant from Earthenwood Studios for a while now, but as many times as I got it out to work with it, I couldn't decide on a design and back it would go into the stash.  Inspiration finally arrived in an odd way - I got a box of all wood beads at Michael's for, like, $1.99 thinking that I would use them in a challenge I was working on at the time.  That didn't end up happening so as I was straightening up the work area, I ended up seeing the wood beads sitting next to this pendant and it made me think of the ice cream store located at Main Beach in Laguna and how we like to get ice cream there and then take it over to the benches on the boardwalk to eat it. 
The wood beads reminded me of the sections of the boardwalk. 
 I grabbed a few other odds and ends of ceramic, glass, bone, shell and seed beads, and a brass S clasp to finish things off.

I'm calling this piece "Ice Cream on the Boardwalk."
Tune in for the first Bead Porn post of 2015 tomorrow.

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