Tuesday, July 27, 2004

All Quiet on the Blogger Front

Well, this will be mondo-boring as I have nothing to report today.  The only thing that happened was that an e-mail list that I have belonged to for several years and that I very much enjoyed because it was so entertaining is kaput.  The list owner had some sort of hissy fit and decided not to keep running the list....but instead of abdicating so the rest of us could keep enjoying it...she shut it down entireley.  Crap.  Now I have to go back to watching "Real-life Trainwrecks" as a substitute...or maybe "Cops" has a Yahoo Group?  I need an electronic dysfunctional drama replacement drug!

Other than that...kidlet is still waking up at night and I haven't made any sales from my new website.  Hope I didn't go to all that effort for nothing...sigh.

Okay, enough downer-ness.  I will stop throwing this pity party for myself.  I do still have that custom order to work on although I'm getting nervous that some of the supplies I ordered will not arrive in time for me to meet the deadline (which the customer just shortened by a week).  Yikes!

Off to check the mail!

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