Thursday, July 22, 2004

Scan Queen

Whew!  Scanning is WORK!  Well, okay, it's not if you're only doing a few things, but last night I re-scanned about 1/3 of the pictures on the site.  Somehow over the past few years of up- and downloading them to the server some of the files have gotten corrupted with weird shadows or strange glowing bars (or maybe it's just aliens in my scanner?)  Anyway, as part of the site re-build, they all had to be re-done.  Plus, I found a few items in inventory that dear hubby completely forgot to ever scan or load to the site to begin with.

Fortunately, it was hubby's night to watch the kidlet (we take turns being "primary parent" every other evening) so I was able to get all the scanning and photo editing done and all the new pic files loaded into the new site.  I'm really pushing hard to make my goal of getting the new site up by 7/25.  Only 3 more days!!

Which means of course...that I better get back to work!  See ya!

Oh P.S.  I'm trying to use the new Hello BloggerBot to add a picture of one of the "lost" pieces I found and scanned last night so check it out to see if I was successful...or not.

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