Sunday, July 25, 2004

Up, up and AWAY!!!

It's up!  The new site is up!  Check it out at:

A few minor last minute glitches happened, but they've all been corrected and everything looks good as far as I can see.  I'm sure there are probably still some errors here and there that I haven't caught just because I've looked at the darn thing so much that I'm "looking past" them, but I'll keep fixing as I go.

In other news, we bought the kidlet his own little "couch" for use in the family room.  It's just a cheapy foam thing we got at Target, but it has SpongeBob Squarepants on it and it folds out so he can lay down on it, too, and he LOVES it.  He's spent most of today playing different games with it and he's learned to say "SpongeBob!"  Well, okay, it sounds like "PonBo" but hey, he's only 18 months old :-)

Now, I'm off for a well-deserved nap before we go to dinner later this evening.


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