Saturday, July 24, 2004


Well, no post last night because just when I thought the website was basically ready to go except for a few, minor, last minute changes...kerpow!  I totally screwed up a couple of major things and spent a lot of hours late last night fixing the mistakes.  Can you say "*&#(*&@(!!!!!"?

Then real life intervened today where hubby and I took the kidlet on an expedition to get a potty seat and a booster chair.  He's just started to let us know when he's going #2 by saying "poo-poo."  Okay, more than you really wanted to know, but hey, I get to live this exciting life and besides, you're wasting time here reading this stuff so your life can't be THAT much more interesting LOL!  We don't expect him to really start potty training for quite some time yet, but the pediatrician says now is a good time to at least get the potty seat and put it in the bathroom and let him get used to the idea of it being there and get used to sitting on it.  Now, if I could just get him to stop mis-pronouncing the word "truck" (he can't say the "tr" sound and says an "f" sound instead and...well, you get the idea).  Plus, it's his favorite word so he likes to say it a lot...and public.  Whereupon whichever one of us is with him has to sheepishly explain the whole "truck" thing (not that anyone believes us, I'm sure).

But, back to the website.  Worked on it all afternoon after we got home and I think it's finally ready to go!  Hubby will help me upload it TONIGHT!  Yahoooooo!

Off to grab some dinner and play with the kidlet until it's time for the FTP party :-)

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