Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Officially Hits So Cal

...and we are on "Storm Watch" with our Doppler 8000,000,000+x-ray9-anti-vibration-modulator-thingummy to make sure you don't miss even a single particle of drizzle. Quick! I heard one droplet of water actually reached the ground out in Norco! Send the news van with the mobile satellite radar tracker gizmo!

I've lived here for 40 years and I never get tired of how BANANAS the news crews go over even the tiniest HINT of moisture possibly falling from the sky. It's so funny.

And yes, we did have actual drizzle this morning, but it's supposed to be 90 degrees on Friday soooo I'm not sure we can actually call this Fall weather yet or not. I didn't even break out a jacket for today LOL!

In other random news:

1. Looks like I managed to kill off a blog follower - I'm down from 86 to 85. Whoever you were, if you died from being offended by my hatred of the grocery store, or from viewing my total lack of jewelry talent, or from too much bead porn, or had a heart attack from the giant spider pictures...um....oops?

2. Yesteday I saw this truck on the freeway: "Spanky's..........PORTABLE TOILETS!" I don't know who Spanky is, but he's MIGHTY PROUD of being in the portable toilet business, I tell ya. And yes, okay, I know, I have the sense of humor of a 6-year-old boy. Gee, I wonder why? Oh, and speaking of potty humor (*snicker* oh, come on, you didn't see that one coming?) guess what my son's first words were on his date with the triplets last night? "Don't order the beans at dinner because they will make you fart." A budding Romeo, that one.

3. Yesterday (which was apparently my day for observing random stuff) I also saw a woman take an orange into a bathroom stall. Now, why? I mean, I'm all for multi-tasking and stuff, but isn't that taking things a BIT too far? I think the first phase of the digestive process and the last phase of the digestive process are probably separated for a REASON!

Okay, now that I've swept all the minutia of the last few days outta my brain, lookey what I made:

Fall, schmall. I told you it's going to be 90 on Friday so I haven't bothered to get outta summer mode yet.

Cute lampwork beads from Bead Intrigue on Etsy. I added a couple of white and lime green lampwork spacers from my stash.

Sterling silver hexagon toggle clasp. Why? Because it was the only one in my stash that fit the size of the bracelet. I am nothing if not artistic in selecting all of my materials. Oh, and WHY is it that I can never seem to have enough clasps on hand? Actually, I have a whole box, but I never seem to have the "right" clasp for a given project. Thousands of beads...never the right one at the right time. Is it just me? Does that happen to anyone else?

Another look at the clasp. And the crystal dangles which I feel compelled to add to everything. I never feel like a piece is completed unless I stick a dangle or three by the clasp.

Just when you were thinking "what this post needs is another blurry closeup picture of the focal bead" BAM! I am nothing if not totally responsive to reader needs.

And one more view. Other beads in the piece are Bali silver spacers and swirly rounds, Czech glass rondelles and Swarovski crystals.

But wait! There's more!

I had a couple of the swirly Bali beads left over - not really enough for another major project so I decided to throw a pair of earrings together.

Yeah, because I NEVER make anything in shades of green and blue. Color rut girl, that's me.

Okay, I am off to get back to the never-ending excitement that is my life. Cub Scout meeting tonight...that I soooo do not want to go to. I know, I know, it's wrong of me. Bad mom. Bad mom. MUST...GO...SUPPORT...KIDLET.

No matter how much I just want to go home and pull the covers over my head and go to sleep at 7:30 PM.

I swear he better remember all this stuff and when he sticks me in the home some day...I better get the gourmet baby food for my dinner and super-high-thread-count Egyptian cotton diapers.




TesoriTrovati said...

Color rut? You? I just noticed that your blog background matches that lovely bracelet.... no color rut! Just loveliness!
You make me laugh... 90 degrees, eh? It was SNOWING ALL DAY here in lovely Central WI. Luckily, none of it managed to hang around until today. And? The leaves are flying right off the trees, just like that whomping willow in the Harry Potter movies that shivers once and they all come crashing down.
Happy fall, Kelly!
Enjoy the day!
P.S. I am making my first big purchase from Artebella from your sweet recommendations. Yippee!

Barbara/myth maker said...

I love the blue and green motif. The bracelet is really beautiful.

I've had people leave my blog, too. Always kind of odd, but I figure I never subscribed to their blog, so maybe that's why. I don't necessarily subscribe to everyone who does me.

YOu southern californians... always funny when it comes to precipitation. lol.

Davinia said...

Well I think your son was very thoughtful to warn the triplets about the beans. I mean really, how mortifying to fart on your first date. The bracelet and earings are gorgeous. It's spring down here and I'm still making things in autumn tones so I can relate.

SueBeads said...

I'm going to be in San Diego this week - but it looks like the weather is going to be great! What are you talking about!?!??!!? Nice bracelet!

Marie Cramp said...

You kill me with all your funny stories. The bacelet is awesom and so are the earrings. I am just dying to investin some sterling accent and focal beads, I just can not seem to find any I can afford. Any suggestions??


dochoamom said...

Hey Kelly... The bracelet is fab. and I love the earrings too... Am enjoying this weather but would enjoy way more if I could be at home snuggled up with my bead tray or wire..

You are a great mother... he will remember that... so what else happened on the date?

Love, Deb

PS todays word verification...

imoping - I mopping up all the rain every time the dog wants to go outside and bark at every single person, dog, car, leaf that goes by... but won't go outside to take care of doggy business.. i mopping that too... LOL